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27" Medallion Deck Planter

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27"L x 12"W x 11"H

Classic Weatherproof Outdoor Planters

Similar to the look of your favorite window box, the Medallion deck planter has a slim, rectangular silhouette. This shape makes it great for lining along the edges of patios or walkways or for hanging from porch and deck rails. The Medallion features a simple, traditional design, no frills or whistles to keep it from blending in perfectly with the outdoor scenery. We add a simple raised lip and molded curve to give a touch of elegance to this otherwise minimalist planter box. Our weatherproof outdoor planters come in an earthy terra cotta color and are suitable for any outdoor application, no matter what the weather.

Benefits of Vinyl Deck Planters

Unlike the average plastic garden containers you'll find in your local home and garden shop, the Medallion deck planter is constructed from a high-grade material that is both sturdy and lightweight. You won't have to worry about this plastic planter bowing under the pressure of wet soil and prolific root systems. These durable containers are resistant to cracking and chipping under strenuous conditions. And unlike wooden planters they won't rot after months out in moist environments, nor will they fall prey to insect pests. Our long Medallion planters are spacious but at the same time light enough to transport as needed. They can also be easily moved indoors for winter storage.

Designed for Plant Health

The largest in our collection of Medallion planters, the 27" vinyl planter offers plenty of space for your treasured garden plants to spread their roots and grow. They can be used on their own or place inside your favorite planter or wrought iron cage to keep it looking pristine and dirt-free. This large planter box has plenty of depth to grow anything from lettuce to lantanas. Convenient drainage holes make sure that your roots won't get water logged while the vinyl material allows for good moisture retention.

27"L x 12"W x 11"H