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120V Post Light Fixtures

Exterior post lighting serves several purposes. First, it illuminates the outside of your home which makes your property safer. It also helps to welcome friends and family when they visit and makes finding the lock much easier after a long day at work. Finally, they make your property more aesthetically pleasing. You can create a look with all sorts of light fixtures, but using lamp post and pole lights adds a special touch. Whether you want to take visitors back in time when pole lights were the norm, or you want to illuminate certain areas in a unique way, pole light fixtures can help create the ambience you're seeking.

Crafted from sturdy materials including aluminum, these landscape lighting fixtures are capable of withstanding the harsh elements such as wind, snow, ice, freezing temps and rain. The lanterns themselves are crafted so that the lights will stay on in the rain or the snow. These 120V Post Light Fixtures look elegant wherever you place them, whether that's at the front of your driveway, next to your mailbox or use them to frame your front porch. However you choose to include them, your property values will increase and you'll gain the nod of approval from neighbors who pass by.

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Fonda Line Voltage Post Mount Light Fixture
Amberley Line Voltage Post Mount Light Fixture
Brookhollow Line Voltage Post Mount Light Fixture
Ambergate Line Voltage Post Mount Light Fixture
Parkridge Line Voltage Post Light Fixture
Falconridge Line Voltage Post Light Fixture
Buckhurst Line Voltage Post Light Fixture
Carlingford Line Voltage Post Light Fixture
Roseridge Line Voltage Post Light Fixture

Elegant 120V Post Light Fixtures

If you have been thinking about adding handsome new 120V Post Light Fixtures to illuminate your landscapes, you've come to the right place. We have numerous styles and designs to complement just about any exterior decor. With our curb appeal landscape lighting, you can be sure to achieve the lighting security you need for visitors coming to your door or when you return home in the dark too. And while pole lights offer essential illumination, they also serve as a decorative element to your home's curb appeal. With close to a dozen styles to choose from, functional as well as decorative outdoor lighting can be easily achieved.

From Modern to Classic Pole Light Fixtures

Our pole light fixtures come in an abundance of styles and designs. Without a doubt, you will not have a problem finding the right post lights to accent your home's architectural style. From more contemporary designs to old world classics, from colonial to vintage, choose whatever style reflects you and your home's personality. Common locations to add pole light fixtures include along walkways leading to the front door, flanking entrances, near post boxes or porch stairways, even along paths from the garage to your back porch.

Outdoor Lighting with Exceptional Quality Built In

All of our pole and post light fixtures are built using the highest grade commercial materials, including aluminum that has been powder coated as protection against the harsh weather. Regardless of the part of the country you live in, from the desert to the moisture-laden Pacific Northwest, our landscape lights provide reliability year after year against all kinds of inclement weather. Most of them are made from aluminum, which will not rust, but steel fixtures are weather treated for exterior use. The protective coating is baked on to resist rust and to insure not just durability but safe electrical functioning as well. Many of our fixtures come with limited warranties of up to 15 years. For additional information about any of our 120V Post Light Fixtures, give us a call today. Expert technicians are available to answer any of your questions.