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Savannah Porch Planters

For medium to large plastic planters that have an appeal similar to wooden porch planters, this collection of Savannah style containers is an alluring option. Each of these vinyl planters is a durable, outdoor planting container that maintains its pleasing look even when exposed to moisture, heat and cold.

Vinyl planters in the Savannah style are made in a double wall design from superior grade polyethylene. These large plastic planters have a clean square silhouette with a Chippendale-inspired embellishment on each face of the container. In addition, vinyl planters are self-watering with a 3.7-gallon sub-irrigation system built in that fosters healthy growth of your favorite plants, flowers and small shrubs. Available in three pleasing finishes, the Savannah Porch Planters are easily matched to existing decor in black, white or clay. Find these and other attractive residential planters online at Hooks & lattice.

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Savannah Patio Planter-Black
Savannah Patio Planter-Clay
Savannah Patio Planter-White
The Savannah Porch Planters can be classified as medium to large plastic planters with a capacity to hold approximately five gallons of soil for a thriving container garden. These vinyl planters are also self-watering, featuring a 3.7-gallon sub-irrigation water system that allows plants to virtually water themselves. On top of that, their durable, high-grade polyethylene construction makes for maintenance free containers to be enjoyed for years to come.

Vinyl planters pictured in the category above are just one piece of the extensive collection available online at Hooks & Lattice. Featuring small, medium and large plastic planters made from composite and molded materials, each container we feature makes a lovely asset to home landscapes and architecture. Placed in pairs, the Savannah Porch Planters look lovely flanking a wooden front porch staircase, placed along the edges of a flagstone patio, or even in the soil amongst your garden. Choose from three popular finishes: black, white or clay, and easily work these vinyl planters in with a range of existing color schemes.

In recent years, large plastic planters and vinyl planters have surged in popularity as an appealing alternative to wooden containers. In outdoor applications, molded plastic outperforms wood in terms of durability, longevity and also convenience. No rotting from moisture, or splitting and warping in extreme temperatures. Our Savannah Porch Planters may mimic painted wood in appearance, but their temperament is undeniably more agreeable.

This design is inspired by the traditional Chippendale style of furniture making, but with a decidedly more modern appeal. Although compact by some outdoor planter standards, measuring as a 16"" square, these are still large plastic planters capable of handling a considerable planting load. Holding up to five gallons of soil, the Savannah can accommodate most any of your favorite perennials, annuals, grasses, small shrubs and seasonal favorites like poinsettia.

In addition to the Savannah Porch Planters pictured here, Hooks & Lattice also features a range of other vinyl planters in various designs. From traditional to modern, country to urban, there's something here to suit every garden and every home.

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