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Post Accessories

Real Estate Sign Posts and Post Accessories help sign companies expand their capabilities by providing an alternative to the standard wood 4X4 and 4X6 post and panel signs configurations.  By adding a 4X6 Collar and T-Strap you can make an ordinary wood post and panel sign look extraordinary. Popular signage solutions include:

  • Slip Over Direct Sign Mounts - fits any 3" diameter pole
  • 3" Standard Post Mounting Flange - for above grade mounting
  • T-Straps and Collar/T-Strap assemblies

Choose from a number of standard post and panel bracket accessories or have us make a custom design that meets your specific wood post and panel sign requirements.  All of our 4X6 and 4X4 post and panel bracket accessories are finished in a powder coated textured black finish.

For Custom Directional or Real Estate Signage Solutions, call:: 888-919-7446 7am - 5pm PST, M-F

Examples of Custom Post & Panel Accessories
4X4 Post Collar with 8" T-Strap Assembly
4X6 Post Collar with 8" T-Strap Assembly
8" Long T-Strap
Price: $15.85
2" x 12" Flat Strap with Holes
Wrought Iron Post Headers
Wrought Iron Post Scroll Accessories
Wood Post Wraps & Sleeves
Slip Over Direct Sign Mount
Direct Sign Mount with Post Clamp
3" Standard Post Mounting Flange
Slip Over Direct Sign Mount for (2) Signs

Post Accessories That Enhance the Sign

Signage helps bring customers to your business. That's a well-known fact. What is lesser known is the subtle but potent power of an exceptional sign. Exceptional signs can be simple or elaborate and still provide great visual appeal to passersby. One way to create exceptional sign and messaging is through post accessories. After all, sometimes it's the details that draw one's eye, that little extra finessed accoutrement that is the attention grabber. After all, why have drab when you can have grab! By adding something as simple as a wrought iron T-Strap to your wood sign, you can increase visibility and interest in not just the attractiveness of the sign but the message itself.

Post and Panel Sign Hardware

We carry a wide variety of ready-made items in the post and panel sign hardware category. All are manufactured using the highest commercial grade metal and iron before adding a weather-resistant textured black powder coat finish. From several sizes of T-straps to Flat Straps, we can embellish a plain-looking wooden sign to perfection, without overstating it. Equally, wrought iron sign brackets and post collars further add to your sign's visual appeal. Just by incorporating these small touches, your sign will stand out from others near it. What's more, if you don't see the exact item, size or style you're looking for at Sign Bracket Store, we manufacture custom signage for customers too, including metal sign brackets and hardware.

Post Accessories: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Some of the many post accessories and sign hardware we carry add dimension and architectural interest where you want it. Examples of items that can boost your sign's visibility include:

  • Post colors with T-Straps
  • Long T-Straps
  • Flat Straps with Holes
  • Wrought Iron Post Headers
  • Scroll Accessories (for sign tops)
  • Wood Post Wraps and Sleeves
  • Slip Over Direct Sign Mounts
  • Standard Post Mounting Flange.

No matter which sign post accessories you select, we are here to help you enhance your sign messaging with either ready-made hardware that ships fast, or we can custom manufacture what you need. For additional information about post accessories, please call 888-919-7446 today.