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Post and Panel Signs add Curb Appeal and bring business names closer to potential customers.  At Hooks and Lattice we offer a number of business signs and architectural signage solutions, such as wood 4X4 post and panel systems, wood 6X6 post and panel signs, aluminum signage and wrought iron post and panel systems.   Post and Panel signs come in many shapes and sizes depending on the specific message that it's intended to communicate. 

From square signs to ovals Hooks and Lattice will help design your home and business signs with wood, metal or aluminum posts.  

Aluminum Post & Panel Systems
Wrought Iron Post and Panel System
Wood Post with Iron Bracket Post & Panel
Wrought Iron Sign Headers
Single Post Sign Brackets
Architectural Address Signs

By combining our wrought iron welding capabilities with our wood manufacturing capabilities the possibilities have become endless.  Some of our standard sign braces and brackets have helped sign companies add a new level of elegance to the common wood 4X4 and wood 6X6 post and panel signs found in new developments.  Sign companies often contact Hooks and Lattice when working on new construction development projects that require a unique low cost wayfinding solution.  Contact Hook and Lattice for all of your post and panel system needs. 

Architectural Signage Systems are often used as way finding or wayfinding signage to navigate a new community or town center. Hooks and Lattice designs exterior directional, identification and information signs called way finding or wayfinding signage.  Way finding signage represents and describes functions, activities, historical monuments, environmentally protected areas and ecological reserves.