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Examples of Custom Post & Panel Accessories

For custom sign hardware to accompany a post and panel system of signage, Sign Bracket store manufactures a range of accessories. From custom brackets and post collars to decorative finials, make the design of your post and panel signs shine with thoughtful details.

In this section, we showcase projects that feature custom sign hardware manufactured by Sign Bracket Store. Many customers who prefer post and panel signs for their commercial project also have highly specific requirements for the function and appearance of individual pieces. To get the materials, size and finish suited to a particular project, custom brackets and accessories are sometimes necessary for an optimal result.

For more information on custom sign hardware for post and panel signs, please call to speak with one of our project managers. To see more examples, our comprehensive Post and Panel product category features a range of finials, post collars and decorative post bases available to purchase online. Materials, sizes and finishes vary.

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8X8 Post Collar with 2X2 Frame Example
Wood Post and Panel Examples
The section above showcases custom brackets and hardware created for post and panel sign systems. As presented by these examples, custom sign hardware can be manufactured for a range of projects from large commercial site post collars, to custom brackets made from striking wrought iron. In addition, a range of finials and post base caps are also available for a professional and decorative accent.

Post and panel sign configurations are popular for housing developments and commercial centers where names and directional markers must be simultaneously conspicuous and professional. Custom sign hardware and accessories help to achieve both requirements while making signage attractive and memorable. As pictured in both examples above, even a simple detail like custom brackets can alter the look of a sign for the better. With custom sizing and material composition, a post and panel system can be made to work for your unique project.

Custom sign hardware also includes a range of decorative options like finials, embellished post bases, post caps and headers, and decorative scrolls. These items are available online in various designs in addition to post collars that go with the post and panel systems sold on our website. Many customers may find a suitable product available for purchase online, while others will find inspiration for custom sign hardware of their own.

To create post and panel sign systems that make signage stand out, Sign Bracket Store is proud to offer the assistance of our project managers over the phone. As experts in commercial signage, we can recommend custom sign hardware for your project or help to realize a particular vision. Based on functional requirements like size, materials and application, our team knows which materials and finishes are best suited to a successful display.

In addition to the examples seen here, our comprehensive category of Post and Panel products and accessories might offer more ideas and design inspiration. From cast aluminum or wood ball finials, to custom brackets and post collars, let Sign Bracket Store help maximize your post and panel sign performance. Please call toll free for custom order quotes: 1-888-919-7446 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST)