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To dress up a post wrap it in a decorative post sleeve, available here in designs constructed out of wood. Designed to slip right over a post or pole, each column wrap we feature can be ordered with a 4 x 4, 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 post ID. Please note that these items are strictly ornamental and meant to embellish already reinforced posts.

A post sleeve can be ordered online in three different wooden column wrap designs including Traditional, Tall Fluted Cedar or Raised Panel; and a choice of two sizes, either 18"" or 30"" high. After clicking on an individual post wrap style and size, a drop down menu will appear to choose a mounting post size from the three options.

Post wrap sleeves are remarkably easy to apply to your post and panel signage or other columns that need a little dressing up. They create the look of expensive woodworking details to bring an added level of professional appeal to commercial signage and other displays. For projects that require a custom size or design, please call toll free to work with a project manager.

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18" Traditional Post Sleeve
30" Traditional Post Sleeve
18" Tall Fluted Cedar Post Sleeve
30" Tall Fluted PVC Post Sleeve
18" Raised Panel Post Sleeve
30" Raised Panel Post Sleeve
Available in three styles, each column wrap featured in the above category is a wooden post sleeve designed to go over commercial posts and poles. Use a decorative post wrap to dress up your post and panel signage or other displays where a pole could use some extra embellishment. Each design comes in two heights and a choice of three different mounting sizes for easy incorporation with existing posts and poles.

A column wrap is a popular choice for customers who are looking to adorn the usual post and panel sign configurations. The simple addition of a post sleeve makes signs look more expensive and consequently more professional. As pictured in the example, a wooden post wrap makes a commercial real estate sign appear much more upscale and thoughtful in terms of design.

Each post sleeve featured above is made from wooden materials. Available in three distinct styles choose a column wrap in the Traditional, Raised Panel or Tall Fluted Cedar design, each with a sophisticated feel. All three styles are offered in an 18" or 30" height, depending on the scale of a project and the amount of effect desired. Please note a post wrap is a strictly decorative piece, and will not add to the structural integrity of a pole or post.

More than just post and panel signage, a column wrap can also be applied to a range of other poles and posts made from various materials. This is an easy and cost effective method of making a post look more expensive and refined for a positive professional impact. Real estate agents and franchises make use of this device quite often, in addition to commercial designers who seek to make affordable adornments to poles and posts thereby adding to their aesthetic appeal.

In addition to products found in the category above, Sign Bracket Store can also create a range of custom accessories for post and panel signage. If viewing a post wrap that suits a desired style but not size, we can accommodate many custom requests for sizing. Vice versa, if you see inspiration for a post sleeve but not the exact right style, Sign Bracket Store is also able to partner on designs for a range of custom accessories. Please call toll free: 1-888-919-7446 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST)