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Post and Panel Signs

For all things related to post and panel signs, from aluminum sign poles to decorative finials, look no further than this collection of products from Sign Bracket Store. We offer comprehensive systems of post and panel signs in addition to separate parts.

Online, you will find organized categories including full systems of architectural and contemporary post and panel signs, aluminum sign posts for individual sale, post finials, cast aluminum post bases and a host of additional accessories. Whether you need the whole package or just some supplementary pieces, you can find the necessary products for your aluminum, wrought iron, Cellular PVC or wooden post and panel signs here.

Our aluminum sign poles and blanks have a powder coated finish for resistance to rust and corrosion. The same goes for aluminum post bases, finials and other accessories. Other materials such as Composite PVC and wrought iron are also resilient in exterior applications.

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Architectural Post & Panel
Aluminum Post & Panel Systems
Wrought Iron Post and Panel System
Wood Post with Iron Bracket Post & Panel
Wrought Iron Sign Headers
Single Post Sign Brackets
Architectural Address Signs
Contemporary Post and Panel
Colonial Header Post & Panel Systems
Premier Post and Panel Systems
Nantucket Single Post and Panel Sign System
Viewpoint Wayfinding Post and Panel System
Christopher Post and Panel Sign System
Aluminum Posts
8' Aluminum Post
Price: $72.00
10' Aluminum Post
Price: $90.00
12' Aluminum Post
Price: $108.00
8' Square Aluminum Post
10' Square Aluminum Post
12' Square Aluminum Post
8' Fluted Aluminum Post, powder coated black
10' Fluted Aluminum Post, powder coated black
12' Fluted Aluminum Post, powder coated black
3" Standard Post Mounting Flange
8' Steel Round Post
Price: $121.85
Slip Over Direct Sign Mount
Aluminum Base Cover for 3" Round post
Post Bases
23 Designs
Post Finials
4 Designs
24in. Round Base Plate with Flange for 3in. Round pole
17.25" Heavy Duty Cast Iron Base
Post Finials
Cast Aluminum Finials
Wood Post Finials & Wood Ball Finials
2 Categories 40+ Shapes & Sizes
Premier HDU Finials & PVC Bases
Ball Finials and Post Caps
Post Bases
SQUARE Aluminum Decorative base for 3x3 post
24" Cast Aluminum Octagon Base- 3" Post
25"H Classic Aluminum Post Base for 3" Round Post
25" Cast Aluminum Architectural Base - 3" Post
26"H Solid Decorative Cast Aluminum Base- 3" Post
20" H Standard Slip over Base for 3" pole
13" Fluted slip over base for 3" Pole - Black
12in. Wide base slip over base for 3in. Pole - Black
10" Cast Aluminum Post Base- 3" Post
24" H x 8 .5" W Square Base, for 4"x4" square post
17" Fluted slip over base for 4" Pole - Black
24in.H Octagon Post Base for 4in. Dia. pole - Black
26"H Deco Cast Slip Over Base for 4" Dia. Pole - Black
25" H Standard slip over base for 4" pole
10" H cast alum base for 4" dia. Pole - Black
14"  Ornamental Base - 4" Post
12in. Wide Base Slip-Over Base for 4in. Pole - Black
Aluminum Base Cover for 3" Round post
Large Aluminum Base Cover for 3" Diameter Round post
Cast Iron Bases
4 Designs
GroundMaster Post Systems
Direct-Burial Post Mounting Sleeve
Post-to-Post Joining Insert - For Joining 3in. OD Posts (2.75in. ID)
Post Accessories
Examples of Custom Post & Panel Accessories
4X4 Post Collar with 8" T-Strap Assembly
4X6 Post Collar with 8" T-Strap Assembly
8" Long T-Strap
Price: $15.85
2" x 12" Flat Strap with Holes
Wrought Iron Post Headers
Wrought Iron Post Scroll Accessories
Wood Post Wraps & Sleeves
Slip Over Direct Sign Mount
Direct Sign Mount with Post Clamp
3" Standard Post Mounting Flange
Slip Over Direct Sign Mount for (2) Signs

For all projects involving post and panel signs, the Sign Bracket Store brings you this comprehensive collection of full signage systems in addition to parts and accessories for individual sale. Products are available in a range of durable materials including aluminum, wrought iron, Premier Cellular PVC and wood.

In the Architectural Post & Panel Category you will first find our aluminum post and panel signs. A range of products are associated with this category including the option to buy the entire configuration or its parts such as individual aluminum sign poles, aluminum post bases, finials and other accessories all in a range of available sizes and styles. Each aluminum piece has a resilient powder coating to ensure superior corrosion, rust and rot resistance in exterior applications.

Our individual sale of aluminum sign posts and aluminum post bases makes it easy to replace parts that may have been damaged or destroyed without having to purchase an entirely new system. Aluminum sign poles can be found in round, square and fluted varieties in an array of sizes; specific dimensions can be found by clicking on individual product descriptions. Aluminum post bases, finials, covers and other accessories also come in a range of styles and sizes.

Wooden and wrought iron styles can also be found in our Architectural Post & Panel. Wrought iron post and panel signs have an old-world charm in part to thoughtful scrolling details and the heavy look of the material. Wooden varieties offer the more rustic appeal of natural matter.

Our collection of Contemporary Post and Panel Signs are built from Premier Composite PVC, a durable material that is known for mimicking the appearance of wood without the worries of rot and decay. Cellular PVC typically comes to look like a white painted wood but can be painted any number of custom colors using a high quality latex paint.

Accessories such as post finials, bases, headers and straps come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be applied to any system of post and panel signs. Whether you have aluminum sign poles that need accenting or you're working with a wooden material, there is something here to add just the right touch.