Danbury 3ft Tall Planter - Choose from 3 Colors

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Prepare for the quick-approaching colder climates with our decorative porch planters that you can bring indoors. Each tall planter has a certain unsurpassed elegance that is indescribable in words - and the overall beauty is molded and handcrafted by expert craftsmen. The combination of resins are accented with wraparound swirls in three gorgeous, earthy colors - weathered stone, caviar black, or rust. And the unique blend of materials also offer a natural resistance to fading, cracking, peeling, and breaking. These decorative porch planters are lightweight and might appear fragile - but they are actually quite strong with a 10-year warranty guarantee for reassurance. The double walled construction provides many benefits including superior structural integrity, enhanced appearance and insulating properties for better thermal protection of plant roots.
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Height 36"
Diameter 21"
Style Contemporary, Large
Material Resin
Shape Round
Color Caviar Black, Rust, Weathered Stone
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