Devondale Round Planters

Devondale Round Planters

For elegant round planters with a deep bowl silhouette, the Devondale large resin planters are a lightweight alternative to clunky concrete and ceramic containers. While these striking bowl planters are prominent in size and presence, they are also easy to move and manipulate throughout any landscape including on patios and porches, or situated amongst garden beds.

Made using a rotation molding procedure, these large resin planters are constructed with a consistent wall thickness throughout the entire body of the container. Superior techniques make these round planters precisely executed for an impeccable finished product. This particular Devondale style is fashioned after deep bowl planters that make a lovely accent to front porch steps, patio or deck edges, stone columns, or anywhere else throughout your residential landscape.

The Devondale Round Planters featured below are available for order online via Hooks & Lattice. For other outdoor planter styles, please visit our overall Fiberglass & Resin Planters category.

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Large resin planters provide an undeniably smart alternative for homeowners, gardeners and landscapers who desire the look of substantial bowl planters, without the associated cost and weight. The Devondale Round Planters achieve just that ? the appearance of heavyweight ceramics or concrete, but in a lighter weight package at a fraction of the price. Brought to you online at Hooks & Lattice, these round planters feature a deep bowl design that lends itself well to outdoor placements on patios or front porches, atop deck railings or landscaping columns. As large resin planters that are made using anti-shock material and a rotational molding process, the Devondale Round Planters arrive ready to take on heavy planting loads, extreme weather and anything else an exterior application throws their way. On top of durability, the visible grooving on each face of these bowl planters gives them an impeccable level of design detail that rivals much pricier containers. Bowl planters made from anti-shock resin are available in various sizes ? as pictured above ? and also come in your choice of two finishes: antique bronze or black. For homes with a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, large resin planters with a polished black finish are in keeping with a clean design scheme. And for facades with a tendency toward more traditional elements, the muted antique bronze tone adds classic depth of character. All large resin planters featured on this page are fitted and drilled with drainage holes. Orders are shipped ready to plant, and gardeners need only choose the flowers and plants they want to grow. The Devondale makes a natural home for green plants that can live among rocks or pebbles, such as succulents and cactus, but is also an effortless host for colorful flowers. If you like the material of these containers but want a different style, check out all the options online at Hooks & Lattice. For other large resin planters or comparably durable fiberglass options please visit our complete ""Fiberglass & Resin Planters "" category. The Devondale Round Planters are only the beginning. For toll free consultation on any of the products viewed online at Hooks & Lattice, please call 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).