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DIY Living Walls

DIY Living Walls

Enjoy green walls indoors and out with our DIY Living Walls. Living walls are designed to securely hold plants and soil vertically, anywhere you desire to mount, and are especially useful in urban areas or small spaces. Mount in you kitchen, dining or living room to bring life and fresh air into your home. Or, fasten to any flat surface outside to decorate your backyard in a unique and eco-friendly way. A crowd favorite of health centers, salons and spa resorts, vertical gardens have been gaining momentum due to the square-foot gardening movement.

Do-it-yourself green walls are an easy way to showcase your favorite plants and your eye for trendy design. Greenwalls and living walls have gained momentum over the past decade and are a favorite decor item for restaurants, high-rise commercial buildings and upscale lobbies worldwide.

Many of our wall gardening systems are modular, so you can buy as few or as many sections as you need to create your wall of greenery. Choose from decorative frames and colors or even take it to the next level of "green" with our living wall planters already outfitted with irrigation - like the professionals!

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