Living Wall Planters & Accessories

Easily create a garden on any indoor or outdoor wall with these living wall planters. Designed to securely hold soil and plants when mounted to a vertical surface, these living wall kits make the process simple. Choose one of the all-in-one kits with a stylish frame, select your plants, add soil and you're ready to go!

For more ambitious green wall systems, purchase the components separately. Measure the wall you want to cover with plants, determine how many polymer planter units you need, add irrigation lines and finish it off with watering tanks and water collectors. For help assembling a large living wall, call our customer service experts, who can provide you with detailed instructions.

Green wall systems have grown in popularity over the last decade. Once seen only in luxurious corporate offices, they are now accessible for homeowners. Living wall planters can be installed inside and outside, in small or large configurations. Browse the living wall kits and accessories below to get started on your green wall project.

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Living Wall Planters: The Greening of Your Decor

Green wall systems have become very popular of late. Living Wall Planters add lovely green space to your indoor environment in a way that transcends the conventional planter or pot sitting on a table or other surface. Besides their novelty, they increase the look of nature in any decor. Plus, one of several benefits of indoor green walls is that they provide important oxygen human beings need to live, all while looking beautiful in the process. Living wall kits are easy to establish and, once planted, become living wall art. We have several options for ordering your living wall plants. You can either order indoor wall planters pre-populated, select ones with seeds you plant yourself or plant with whatever foliage you'd like to grow in your vertical gardens.

All of our living wall plants arrive in kit form, providing complete instructions on how to fill with soil, directions on the planting process and how to mount on your wall,. If an experienced living wall aficionado, make your green wall plant list and contact our expert specialists for purchasing individual components and guidance on irrigation systems. From stunning succulents to herbs for cooking, you can have whatever vertical plant wall arrangement started in no time.

So Many Living Wall Systems, So Little Time

We carry an extensive inventory of living wall options, from a petite 14" square living wall planter to a generous 20" square green wall to a 16" wide and 42" long planter to large living walls at 24" squares. Most come with wood frames, some reclaimed wood, and there are numerous options to choose from. Buy multiple systems and decorate several rooms with your living wall planters. They can even be planted outdoors, if you wish. Some folks even purchase several living walls and arrange them in a grouping, creating a larger, more dramatic effect.

We also have accessories to keep foliage robust and healthy. Check out our Karoo Living Wall Planters with the compatible Water Collector for Living Wall Planter. We also carry the Snap-In Watering Tank for Living Wall Planter and the Drip Line Irrigation Kit for Living Wall Systems. In addition, we offer the Living Wall Planter with Moisture Mat and Mounting Bracket for indoor or outdoor use. (Recommended: add watering tank and watering collection tray for this last item, sold separately.)