Outdoor Pre-Planted Living Wall Art

Add living wall art to the home or office and invigorate your surroundings. The "greenwalls" featured here are hand-arranged in vibrant designs, from succulent living walls to classic floral combinations. Display as a fresh interior accent or hang on an exterior wall as a charming vertical garden.

Living wall planters are created using a variety of growing ingredients that help to keep optimal moisture levels without drowning roots. Each wall-planting tile or frame features pre-formed plugs filled with a planting medium from which living wall art springs. And green walls are easy to maintain using a hose or drip kit outdoors, and built-in reservoirs for interior display.

Choose floral and succulent living walls to display in the kitchen, living room or dining room at home. Or, enjoy as a fresh addition to office walls. Pre-planted living wall planters arrive arranged and ready to enjoy. Choose areas with optimal sunlight and moisture levels for best results.

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Discover the beauty of hand-arranged green walls with this collection of pre-planted living wall art. Online at Hooks and Lattice, we want to bring living wall planters to every type of customer - from commercial designers to creative DIY home decorators. At the home or office, inside or outside, this lively decoration is sure to refresh any space.

Succulent living walls, floral arrangements, varieties of greenery and more are available in attractive pre-planted styles. Depending on the environment, choose living wall planters best suited to particular moisture levels and sunlight exposure. Green walls are created using pre-formed chambers that hold a mixture of growing ingredients. Depending on the types of plants used, the planting medium is designed around the needs of the roots, making arrangements easier to maintain.

Add pre-planted living wall art to interior design plans for a hint of fresh color and life. At home, green walls give an energy boost to a kitchen, living room or bedroom, while diversifying indoor planting. And at the office use vertical gardening as a vibrant alterative to the usual wall decor. Living wall planters are a complement to any type of interior design - traditional or contemporary.

Outdoor green walls are another great option for display and a great way to mix it up in the garden. Hang on a porch or patio wall, along a terrace, or even in a three-season porch to mingle smart design and natural inspiration. Varieties like succulent living walls are easy to display and care for as they require little watering. Other pre-arranged vertical gardens do best with an irrigation drip kit to keep plants on a constant watering schedule.

For best use, water and expose living wall plants according to regular care instructions. The optimal amount of sunlight and moisture will, as always, ensure a thriving garden. Each order comes ready to display and living wall art is mostly grown using soil-less growing mediums that combine other materials like coco coir and peat moss. Each vertical planter tile features a varying number of individual compartments. For more details on each pre-planted green wall, please click on individual products above.

*Please note: Use caution when using indoors to prevent dripping and water damage. Remove planters from wall before watering and allow ample time to drain before replacing.