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Pots & Planters

Pots & Planters

Pot and planters are tremendously versatile and allow you to readily grow your favorite plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables indoors or out. Outdoors, garden pots can be placed in smaller patios or concrete courtyards where in-ground planting would be difficult. Garden pots can also be arranged around in-ground landscaping for added interest and appeal. Indoors, pots and planters add life and visual interest with their design, and a pop of color with the greenery or blooms they contain.

We carry a variety of different kinds of decorative garden planter pots for sale here in our online shop. They come in different materials, shapes, sizes, colors and styles so you can find the right ones for your home or outdoor garden project.




No matter which pot or planter design you choose, all are perfect for indoor areas, and outdoors on porches, patios, hardscape, decks and anywhere you want to add the energizing freshness that plants and flowers bring to any space.

The Perks of Pots and Planters in Indoor and Outdoor Design

Garden pots and planters can enhance residential curb appeal and landscapes in a variety of ways. A set of large planters can frame a special view, direct the flow of traffic, create and define boundaries or provide screening from the hot sun and prying eyes. Outdoors, smaller garden pots can adorn balconies, decks and hardscaped patios with shrubs, plants and flowers. Indoors, pots and planters can hold unique plants and flower arrangements that showcase your personal style and adds a distinct design element to your home.

Decorative Garden Pots Elevate Interior or Outdoor Design

Decorative pots and planters have a powerful impact when placed around the front door, patio, porch, balcony and pool. The addition of outdoor planters and pots to these spaces, and any others in need of a boost, can transform your surroundings from bland to dramatic - uninviting to cozy. Warm your spaces and draw family and friends into them with the help of a decorative planter from Hooks and Lattice.

Selecting the Right Planters

Before selecting a decorative planter, attention should be paid to the functional value as well as aesthetic appropriateness. Garden planters should be sturdy, have holes for drainage and should be sized for the intended plant or tree. Each outdoor and decorative planter we carry at Hooks and Lattice has been carefully selected to provide great design choices along with functionality, quality and value.

Composite Planters - Durable, Beautiful, Versatile

While browsing online, cruise our collection of Premier Composite Planters made with commercial-grade Cellular PVC. These are the best selling pots and planters at Hooks and Lattice and are hand-made by our skilled craftsmen who build them from 4' x 8' sheets of solid architectural-grade PVC. Sometimes confused with wood due to its weight, density and appearance, composite does not have the problems inherent to wood like water absorption, rotting, warping, cracking or splitting. With composite planters, you can enjoy the beauty of your blooms or greenery year after year without the worry of breakage or rot.

A Veritable Variety of Pots and Planters at Hooks and Lattice

At Hooks and Lattice, you'll find a variety of indoor and outdoor garden pots and planters in several types of attractive and practical materials like iron, vinyl, decorative plastics, redwood and cedar. No matter the material, when you add decorative garden containers to your home, you're adding depth, dimension, visual impact and beauty to your interior or outdoor design. Find what you need at Hooks and Lattice to add harmony and balance at home, and all while enjoying the process.

For questions on materials, styles and custom decorative planter options, please call 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.