Mondrian Tapered Round Planters

Mondrian Tapered Round Planters

The Mondrian Round Resin Planters are a lightweight, durable option for homeowners and renters alike. These outdoor planters are a smart choice for lining balconies, decks, terraces, bridges and garden pathways.

These lightweight outdoor planters are rotationally molded from anti-shock resin, providing years of carefree beauty and elegance. This makes them ideal for use in zones that experience extreme temperature fluctuations. The clean, modern design of the Mondrian is at home in both contemporary and traditional décor themes.

Frost-proof, tapered round planters are available in multiple sizes and colors. Mix and match, group planters to create colorful displays or line up multiple containers along balconies, terraces and elevated walkways.

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  1. 14" Mondrian Tapered Planter
    14" Mondrian Tapered Planter
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  2. 20" Mondrian Tapered Planter
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  3. 26" Mondrian Tapered Planter
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Elegant Mondrian Tapered Round Resin Planters

Mondrian Tapered Round Planters are a collection of outdoor resin planters available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Constructed as understated tapered planters they are simple, straightforward yet elegant in design. Additionally, using sophisticated finishing techniques for these resin planters, the Mondrian is made to emulate everything from a heavy granite pot to warm terra cotta ceramics. Our large outdoor planters measure slightly wider at their opening than the base. Drainage holes are drilled in the container bottom during manufacturing, where a rotational molding procedure is applied to anti-shock resin materials. As round resin planter pots, the containers are designed for exterior use on hardscape surfaces in gardens where the ground is even enough to accommodate freestanding pots.

Additional Resin Planters Features

With an unassuming yet sophisticated silhouette, the Mondrian Tapered Round Planter makes an ideal canvas for commercial plants and flowers displays. Their clean lines also make them a favorite for homeowners and landscapers who want an interesting tapered planter that is lightweight, affordable, and low maintenance. The beauty of resin outdoor planters is that they often look like other popular materials in appearance, but come at a fraction of the cost and weight. As your landscape and garden evolve, so can these the Mondrian as they are easy to move, repot, or store for winter seasons if desired. Plus, to accommodate a range of projects, the Mondrian style is offered in four sizes, from 14" to 26" diameters. (Measurements taken at mouth with slightly smaller circumference at the base.)

Multiple Colors and Finishes

Where this tapered planter really shines are in its extensive finish options. Currently, resin outdoor planters are constructed to simulate a range of materials - from cast concrete to metal to clay. The Mondrian takes full advantage of this range with the following finishes available:

  • Caviar Black
  • Granite
  • Antique Bronze
  • Rust
  • Weathered Greystone
  • Weathered Terra Cotta

Finally, these resin planters are built to last. They won't fade, crack, warp, or rot, and are backed by a manufacturer provided 10 year limited warranty.

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