Vinyl Deck Planters

Vinyl Deck Planters

Vinyl Planters - also referred to as simple PVC planters - are an inexpensive way to display or grow flowers and plants. These heavyweight plastic tubs make affordable planters for the budget conscious homeowner who needs a simple, yet functional container. Vinyl Deck Planters excel at holding soil and fostering plant growth. Neither dramatic in presentation nor wood-like in appearance, vinyl planters are frequently the flower box of choice for back patios and apartment terraces.

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The Vinyl Deck Planters online at Hooks and Lattice are made from a type of simple PVC to create durable, cost efficient vinyl planter boxes. Undeniably excellent in terms of both appearance and functionality, each of the vinyl planters found in this category comes ready for residential outdoor applications and could also be useful in some commercial projects.

Available for immediate order online, affordable planters in this simple PVC material aren't skimpy on quality because of the price. While made from a heavy-duty plastic, our Vinyl Deck Planters are lightweight enough to make movement effortless around your porches, patios, decks and other finished outdoor surfaces. While easy to transport, vinyl planters can also hold their own in tough exterior applications. Don't expect these containers to stir under the weight of usual weather elements - they're built to endure with little-to-no maintenance.

Customers will notice our Vinyl Deck Planters come in two attractive styles: the Countryside and Medallion Vinyl Planters. Each comes with different size and color options.

The Countryside design features a gently tapering square silhouette and feet at each corner. Choose from a 14'' or 18'' model, either making for affordable planters with an impressive soil capacity and deep root zone. Fill them up with small flowering bushes, annual, perennials, or whatever favorite selections you've been eyeing at the local nursery. This particular planter is available in a choice of green, white, black or terra cotta finishes to accommodate an array of projects.

Our Prestige Vinyl Deck Planters are offered in a choice of two finishes: stone or terra cotta. Contrary to the Countryside, this style features a rectangular silhouette similar to window box dimensions or other deck planter boxes. For a complete collection of affordable planters, Hooks and Lattice also offers matching Prestige Window Box options to mount complementary containers on all levels of your landscape.

If Vinyl Planter Boxes fail to meet your style requirements, please explore our website for more options in materials like fiberglass, cellular PVC, wood or metal. Affordable planters can be found in a range of materials, sizes and finishes to fit a range of design aesthetics from the most traditional to the highly modern.

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