12in. Naples Planter - 3 Colors

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If you've been on the lookout for flower pots for sale, we've got a superior option we think you should consider. These round planters boast a sleek design while maintaining superior performance over other options. They're not only less likely to break down during poor weather - even frost or direct sunlight - but they're also easier to use and lighter in weight than comparable stone planters.

New to gardening? Not sure how often to water? The reservoir within these garden pots is here to help. It collects excess water and keeps it available for roots to enjoy when plants get thirsty, allowing for days in between watering without spelling the death of your plants. Additionally, drainage through the bottom prevents root rot, mold, and other issues pertaining to overwatering.

Safe for indoor use as well. Just add the rubber drainage hole plug and enjoy leak-free, mess-free style.

More Information
Length 12"
Height 11.5"
Diameter 12"
Style Small Space, Classic
Material Polystone
Shape Round
Color Grey, Rust, Sage, Teak, Terracotta
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