Rouse Self-Watering Low Bowl Planter

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Cutting edge innovation meets modern design with these self-watering low bowl planters from the Rouse collection. They showcase a sleek, streamlined silhouette with a wide rim and tapered side that narrows down to a petite footprint. Available in three attractive color choices, these convenient outdoor and indoor herb planters add an upscale look to your décor, whether you place one on your office desk or on a dining room table. Choose from Stone Gray, Sandy Beige or Graphite Black to best match your decorative scheme. These garden bowl planters have a delightful sandy finish that gives them the look of stone, even though they are made from a lightweight and durable plastic.

The Rouse container garden planter allows you to grow lush and healthy herbs and other plants while doing a very minimal amount of work. These bowl-shaped planters come with an included sub-irrigation self-watering system that keeps your plants fed for up to 12 weeks without any maintenance. With each garden planter kit you will find an attractive planter shell, inner plant liner, overflow drain plug and self-watering system that includes a handy water level indicator and special PON substrate. Just water your plants every few weeks and let the Rouse do the rest!

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A Chic, Versatile Planter Design

Our Rouse planter bowl is one part traditional and one part contemporary with an elegant streamlined look. This garden pot has that classic wide-rimmed bowl design that features a smoothly tapered side and small base. Not only does the wide rim give it loads of decorative appeal but it also makes tending to your potted plants incredibly easy. This design offers plenty of room for a number of indoor herbs and plants to grow while the deep side allows root systems to thrive. In three subtle colors, the Rouse planter has a versatile appeal, allowing it to blend well with any type of décor from contemporary to classical. Fill it with your favorite plants to complete the picture!

Classic Stone Look in Durable Plastic

A grainy sand finish gives the Rouse garden bowl planter its unique and eye-catching finishing touch. Whether you choose Graphite Black for chic modern settings or Sandy Beige for a more rustic look, this planter is sure to give you all the charm of a cast stone bowl in a more convenient form. Made from high-grade plastic, our Rouse herb planters are incredibly lightweight, unlike stone or ceramic which can be heavy and unwieldy. They are also very durable. Unlike ceramic they are resistant to cracking, chipping, and shattering. They are also resistant to rot and weather damage. And since this plastic planter bowl is made from UV resistant material you can feel free to place it in full-sun locations without worrying about fading or discoloring. A great benefit for your growing plants!

Container Gardens for Small Spaces

Our Rouse self-watering planter bowls are great for small-space gardeners since they offer plenty of room for plants to grow without taking up too much space on your counter or tabletop. The ultra-light material and tapered design make this planter a fine choice for limited spaces like apartments, offices, dorms, and balconies. It also affords you the joy of growing your own plants without the need for a plot of land. Ideal for city-dwellers! Available in two generous sizes, you can grow a mini herb garden in each Rouse planter. Have all of your favorite cooking herbs right at your fingertips year-round! These planters are also perfect for indoor tropical plants and decorative succulent gardens.

How Does the Sub-Irrigation System Work?

Both the large and small Rouse bowl planters have their own built-in self-watering system that works on a sub-irrigation design. The large planter has a 4.5" planting depth and a .7-gallon reservoir. The small planter has a 3" planting depth and a .4-gallon reservoir. Simply fill the reservoir as needed- via the convenient watering tube- and allow plants to drink up from their roots. This creates healthier, more lush plants since they can control their own water intake and never go thirsty. Easily monitor your water level with the built-in water level indicator. The Rouse planter also has a convenient overflow drain in case of overwatering mishaps.

More Information
Length 11.75", 15.75"
Height 5", 7"
Diameter 11.75", 15.75"
Top Length 11.75", 15.75"
Top Width 11.75", 15.75"
Style Small Space, Contemporary
Material Vinyl
Shape Low Bowl
Color Beige, Black, Grey
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