Rattan & Wicker Planters

Rattan & Wicker Planters

Add beautiful rattan and wicker planters to your container garden! This online collection features elegant woven design including natural wicker and rattan planters in addition to styles built from a durable plastic. Choose from freestanding, window box and railing planters.

Homeowners, gardeners and landscapers enjoy the interlaced look of wicker and rattan planters. Weaving creates a charming texture to complement favorite arrangements of flowers and plants. And to achieve the look of wicker planters in a maintenance-free format, many customers are drawn to the Cottage Weave style. These railing planters and pots are made from heavy-duty plastic materials that require virtually no upkeep. These planter styles also come in four attractive colors to suit your palette preference.

Rattan and wicker planters are available to order online at Hooks and Lattice. For railing containers please note our suggestions for brackets and hardware to purchase with each planter.

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Realize the beauty of wicker and rattan planters amidst a vibrant landscape. These intertwined designs bring texture and dimension while providing the perfect canvas for favorite arrangements of green plants, flowers, small shrubs and vines. And with wicker planters for both railing mounts and ground display each container gardening project finds its answer here. Natural wicker planters bring an undeniable loveliness to any planting project. Their woven charm is a timeless look for outdoor decor. Fill with brilliant blooming flowers in the spring and summer and enjoy containers that spring with life and color. Green grasses, shrubs and small trees are also right at home in these planters. From the fronds of a Bamboo Palm Tree to wispy blades of Festuca grass, make arrangements suit your eye for beauty. Choose from different rattan planters and wicker designs online including containers made from heavy-duty plastic. The quality-grade materials used in the Cottage Weave Deck Rail Planter and Cottage Weave Ground Planter provide a lovely replication of naturally woven wicker or rattan. These containers also have an upside when it comes to care. Virtually no maintenance is needed for composite wicker planters aside from a wipe down of dust and dirt that accumulates outdoors. Planting with wicker and rattan planters is a joy for gardeners of all levels. Whether you're a novice or a green thumb, the interlaced texture of these containers will enhance simple and intricate garden arrangements alike. Springing blades of grass, delicate flower petals and cascading vines all look at home with woven planters as their housing. And for easy planting many of the containers come with liner inserts included in the price. Please click on individual planters for more details. Composite planters that replicate rattan and wicker textures are available to purchase in one of four colors including black, white, mocha and granite. Different finishes achieve a unique look depending on the type of home and application. By clicking on one of the Cottage Weave styles ? either deck rail or CUBE ? customers are able to view and select a color preference via drop-down menu. With a combination of natural wicker planters and plastic alternatives this collection has a charming woven planter for every project.