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Potted Ming Aralia Tree 4'

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Breathtaking Artificial Ming Tree

You don't have to travel to India to admire the unique beauty of the Ming Aralia tree. With our fake indoor trees you get a precise replica of the real thing, right down to the glossy color and feathery texture. Delicate Ming Aralia trees can be extremely hard to grow indoors, even for the most proficient of garden experts. Save yourself the travel costs and the maintenance time and display a fully grown Ming tree right in your own living room or office. With foliage that is not too dense , our artificial Ming tree lends a light, airy feel to your indoor environment and can be used as semi-privacy screening or simply an attractive focal point.

No-Hassle Fake Indoor Trees

Ming Aralia trees are native to India and like warm environments to thrive. When grown indoors these ornamental bushes require constant moisture and specific light conditions. Who has the time to cater to the every need of a decorative tree when you've got a million other things on your mind? With our artificial Ming plant all you have to do is provide a pretty planter pot and your job is done. You can spend the rest of your time gazing at its fluffy, deep green foliage while you plan your to-do list. Faux houseplants are a worry-free alternative to the real thing. And since our artificial plants are expertly crafted to be botanically accurate, no one will ever know the difference.

Brighten your Space with Faux Houseplants

While live Ming Aralia are known to be slow growers, our artificial Ming comes to you in a 4-foot height that is sure to make a presence. Indoor artificial houseplants can do wonders to liven up the atmosphere of your interior space. They add a touch of whimsical, natural beauty that lifts the spirits and brightens the space. This Ming tree has a sturdy trunk that is all ready to "plant" in your favorite decorative pot.