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6' Phoenix Palm in Square Basket

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A Taste of the Tropics

Sit back and relax with a tall, refreshing drink while you enjoy the tropical view from your living room couch. It's the middle of December in the Northwest? No problem! Any home is a tropical paradise with these lovely potted palms! Now you can feel like you're at a Caribbean resort while you kick back in your own kitchen when you display this potted Phoenix Palm tree in any empty corner or in front of a sunny window. Artificial potted palms bring a spirit-lifting sense of warm climates and relaxing days to your indoor space. And since this large palm tree comes already in its own decorative basket all you have to do is set it and enjoy. Sunglasses and swimsuit are optional.

Choosing Artificial Potted Palms

Also called the Date Palm, the Phoenix Palm tree is indigenous to Africa and other southeastern areas. It's not something you see every day in the average American front yard. While these leafy palm trees can be grown indoors successfully, who has the time? This 6-foot-tall palm comes to you already grown up and ready to be displayed in all its tropical glory. Artificial trees are such a fantastic alternative to live houseplants because they require zero maintenance and zero growing time. You don't need a sunny location for this faux palm to thrive. You can even display it in an artificially lit office or hallway. No watering, no fertilizing, no repotting. Just a touch of annual dusting is all it takes to keep this tropical jewel shining.

Planter Basket for Instant Display

With this potted Phoenix palm we even take the stress out of finding just the right planter because we supply one for you. Based on popular designs, we chose an attractive woven square basket that perfectly complements this feathery palm's silhouette and adds to the vertical appeal. In a warm brown color, this woven basket lends a rustic natural air to the display.