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Duraleaf Boxwood Hedges, Outdoor

Forget the days of outdoor events and gatherings ruined by bland decor and prying neighbors. With today's innovate line of Duraleaf Outdoor Boxwood Hedges, you can turn any space into a private garden sanctuary with the perfect dash of greenery. Best of all, these hedges are artificial, meaning you get the look you want without hours of maintenance. Perfect for indoor and outdoor commercial and residential spaces, these faux hedges are customizable and can transform any space into something spectacular.

Our selection of commercial artificial hedges is top in the market. Browse through our products and inspiration galleries, and then give us a call to see what we can do for you. In no time you'll have the private outdoor space of your dreams with the beauty of sumptuous Duraleaf boxwood plants.

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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

Duraleaf Boxwood Outdoor Artificial Hedge 24inLx 12inW
Duraleaf Boxwood Outdoor Artificial Hedge 36inLx 12inW
Duraleaf Boxwood Outdoor Artificial Hedge 48inLx 12inW
Duraleaf Boxwood Outdoor Artificial Hedge 60inL x 12inW
Duraleaf Boxwood Outdoor Artificial Hedge 72inL x 12inW
Duraleaf Boxwood Outdoor Artificial Hedge 96inL x 12inW

Realistic Outdoor Artificial Plants

It's almost a crime to call these plants artificial because they are so lush and lifelike. To mimic real English boxwood's signature climbing look, each artificial piece is individually attached to the frame at a 45-degree angle. We use only the highest quality commercial-grade materials to give you a product that won't fade, warp, or discolor. Our plants are made with UV-resistant materials to keep them at top form no matter their exposure to outdoor elements. Your plants will be stunning year round no matter the weather, and you'll save precious time and money on gardening expenses and plant upkeep.

Effective Privacy Bushes

Duraleaf boxwood hedges are dense enough to be used as an effective privacy shield or just as a way to add greenery to a space. These hedges can be attached to any surface, meaning your possibilities are endless for creating an intimate oasis. Attach multiple hedges to the side of a building or balcony to create an artful wall of greenery or use a line of larger hedges in planters to create individual dining areas. Our hedges come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to fit your exact needs. If you don't see the perfect size or product in our vast selection, give our representatives a call to discuss a custom made hedge that will be perfect for your space.

Stunning English Boxwood

English boxwood is a high-end plant that looks great in any setting. Each hedge can be customized in a way that best accentuates the style and natural elements of your area. From European-inspired cafes to modern shopping centers, faux boxwood hedges will create a stunning focal point in any space. Use the hedges on their own or put them in planters to create a polished look. The beauty of outdoor artificial plants is that these hedges are much more flexible than their living counterparts - move the hedges around to meet your changing needs or rearrange things for special events.