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Waimea 48x24 Decorative Screen - 80% Moderate Privacy

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48"H x 24"W

Create the Space You Want with Privacy Screen Panels

Do you love your home but not the view from the balcony or patio? Frustrated that your neighbors know exactly what kind of grill you have and whether or not you've skimmed your pool? Or maybe you have a restaurant or cafe with a lovely outdoor area but it's too open. Our UV rated privacy screen panels are the solution. These tropical leaf design panels are made with sustainable wood, powder coated iron and the best fiber materials so they are realistic looking while remaining environmentally friendly. We also have the frames so if you want to make living decorative outdoor screens you can. You'll be able to create the space you want to live in. Reclaim your backyard's privacy with the Wiamea style decorative screen with 80% filtered views that allow daylight and gentle breezes to ebb and flow.

Make It Your Own

There are so many ways to make your decorative outdoor screens to suit your specific design needs. If you want long privacy screen panels to block the view or smaller panels to provide shade in certain areas, we can accommodate the request. Just let our agents know how you want to use the screens and we can help you find a panel that is perfect for your needs. Each screen measures 48" x 24" but can be pieced together or cut to suit your space. You'll also want to consider how much coverage and blockage you prefer. If you simply want the view slightly obscured, then a lower percentage of blockage is fine (see our Arbol 60% style for a more minimal screen). But if you want as close as you can get without throwing up some drywall, then a higher percentage would work better for you. And we have a variety of faux foliage for you to choose from, so your screen will look natural while fulfilling its purpose.

How You Use It is Up to You

How you choose to use your divider screens and panels is completely up to you. Create a private space to change before getting in or after getting out of the hot tub or pool by cordoning off a section of your patio. Make your balcony more private by adding panels to neighboring sides. If you own a restaurant or sidewalk café, create quaint, intimate seating with panel dividers. Whatever your goal, we can help you create the screens that help you achieve it. Buy barriers and screens online or call toll-free to request more information.

48"H x 24"W
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