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36" Window Box Recipe for Mixed Bougainvillea - Purple

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Each Bougainvillea Vine is 36"H x 16"W
Each Gardenia Bush is 19"H x 10"W
Each Barberry Shrub is 23"H x 8"W

Year Round Outdoor Artificial Flowers

Take the guesswork- and the maintenance work- out of window box floral displays with our convenient arrangement of outdoor artificial flowers. All included in one handy flower box recipe, you get everything you need to add some year round beauty to your window boxes, porch, balcony, or patio. This window box recipe features the beloved Bougainvillea vine and is supplemented perfectly with a duo of complementary plants to create a unified and eye-catching display. Artificial outdoor flowers make gardening tasks a breeze since they don't require any watering or trimming. And because our artificial plants are made from high-quality outdoor-rated materials you can rest assured that they will last for a long time.

Not Your Average Silk Purple Flowers

Our window box recipe for mixed Bougainvillea isn't quite what you may think of when you imagine "silk" purple flowers and vines. This isn't your average craft store arrangement of faux foliage. All of our artificial plants are handmade by skilled craftspeople and are breathtakingly realistic. The Bougainvillea vine features delicate purple flowers on vines of duo-tone green to mimic real living, growing foliage. Lifelike white Gardenias nestle amongst the greenery in their creamy white splendor, while a Barberry shrub stands above the rest to give it greater vertical interest. These artificial plants are weatherproof and fade-resistant for full exposure to the sun and elements.

Stunning Window Box Display

Each window box recipe shown here is made to fit a 3'-long window box or rectangular planter, though it can be used to fill planters of any shape. Bougainvillea vines spill over the sides while the other plants add interesting height. This recipe is ideal for second-story window boxes that are hard to reach for traditional plant maintenance. From the street no one will ever know the difference! You can also beautify your patio, balcony, or other outdoor living room with fresh greenery that stays in bloom all year long.

Each Bougainvillea Vine is 36"H x 16"W
Each Gardenia Bush is 19"H x 10"W
Each Barberry Shrub is 23"H x 8"W
(3) 36in Hanging Bougainvillea Vine - Purple (3) 19in Gardenia - White (2) 23in Barberry Shrub - Light Green

Window Box

Bougainvillea Vine 36"

Gardenia 19"

Barberry Shrub 23"

Size Quantity Quantity Quantity
24" 2 2 1
30" 2 2 1
36" 3 3 2
42" 3 4 2
48" 3 4 2
54" 4 4 3
60" 5 5 4
72" 5 5 4