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Residential Composite Planters

Although PVC planters resemble painted wood from the outside, the beauty of composite planter boxes is that they are virtually maintenance-free. Unlike wooden materials, composite planters are not susceptible to rotting and decay that comes along with exterior use. In fact, the material is rot-proof and will never need sanding, repainting or expensive treatments for sealing. Just a simple wipe down here and there will do.

These outdoor residential composite planters are made from solid sheets of board material, thereby giving PVC planters a real wood look with a carefree temperament. Composite planter boxes are available in various styles and sizes. In addition to outdoor PVC planters featured below, Hooks and Lattice can also make custom composite planters to suit most any project. This service is often utilized by commercial clients, but also extends to residential designers and homeowners who want outdoor container gardens suited specifically to their home and garden.

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Composite planter boxes are unparalleled by other outdoor planters in terms of visual aesthetic and practical ease of use. With an appearance similar to painted wood, PVC planters take all the best surface qualities from wooden materials but without the need for sanding, resurfacing and sealing. Indeed, outdoor composite planters are as easy to care for as most special occasion serving dishes: Just a wipe down with a warm rag here and there to keep them free from accumulating dust or dirt.

Cellular PVC planters have stormed onto the garden and landscaping market for all the aforementioned reasons: ease of use, lovely aesthetic, and - we forgot to mention - they're remarkably lightweight. Outdoor composite planters are also durable and able to handle all your favorite arrangements of flowers, grasses and green vines. Styles below range in design, from super-contemporary tapered silhouettes to a long rectangular box shape with a classic lattice embellishment. Sizes are also diverse, so planting projects on a modest or grand scale - and everything in between - find an answer here.

Outdoor composite planters have often been presented as an alternative to wood, whereas their sophisticated demeanor certainly warrants more than a title of 'second best.' In fact, PVC planters may resemble wood in many ways but they also have an ability to look a great deal more sophisticated than wood ever could. Depending on how the material is used in design and then finished, composite PVC materials can be made to look highly modern and chic for contemporary landscapes and homes.

Although most containers are sold in the standard white finish found pictured in product photographs above, composite planter boxes can also be painted. With most any quality latex or acrylic base paint, PVC planters are easy to transform in order to gel with an existing color scheme.

Each of the composite planters featured above is an outdoor-rated product intended for rot-proof exterior use. Although planting materials and plants can be inserted directly into containers, we also sell liners to suit most containers. Order online from standard sizes and styles, or call toll free to discuss a custom order.