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30in. Modular Post/Pole Mount Sign Bracket Kit

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30"L Extension Arm

Marketing your business can take all forms, one of which happens to be the signage your place on your business itself. The signs should be a reflection of you and what you're offering your customers, so it needs to look as professionally made as possible. You won't find more professional looking signs and brackets than ours. Our modular pole bracket system is designed specifically for hanging signs from poles and posts. These pole brackets are made from steel and powder coated with a black finish It will be a long time before you'll have to worry about the wind taking down your sign or the rain and dampness causing rust.

Wrought iron signs might seem like a simple concept, but you should really put some thought behind the display you create to advertise your business. For many, this sign will be the first interaction they will have with you, and it could determine whether they walk into your store or walk past it. If you're replacing the brackets, take a good look at your current signage and determine if it could use updating as well. Buy just the bracket or pair with one of our PVC or aluminum sign blanks. These brackets are adjustable and can accommodate practically any size or shape of sign.

Modular Post/Pole Mount Sign Bracket Kit features:

  • Handmade in North America
  • Matte black powder coated steel construction
  • Coordinating Sign Blanks and Sign Hanging Hardware Kits available
  • For installation on different diameter poles and posts
  • Threaded couplings that accept a variety of arm extension lengths
  • Includes 2 adjustable collars with adjustable eye bolts to fit any sign perfectly
  • Choose from decorative ball finial or clean modern cap; both easily screw on.

Whether you're a florist or a law office, business signs are important. They identify your place of business and provides passersby with information about your services or business hours. Affix your sign to these pole brackets and let people know they are welcome in your store. Sturdy craftsmanship goes into making each bracket. You can be confident your sign will hang for years to come.

30"L Extension Arm
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