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40in. Modular Post/Pole Mount Sign Bracket Kit

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40"L Extension Arm

Has it come time to replace business signage around your exteriors? Most often, it's also time for a new sign bracket too! Replace old, faded or chipping brackets with these wrought iron sign hangers that mount to poles and posts.

Modular Post/Pole Mount Sign Bracket Kit features:

  • Handmade in North America
  • Matte black powder coated steel construction
  • Coordinating Sign Blanks and Sign Hanging Hardware Kits available
  • For installation on different diameter poles and posts
  • Threaded couplings that accept a variety of arm extension lengths
  • Includes 2 adjustable collars with adjustable eye bolts to fit any sign perfectly
  • Choose from decorative ball finial or clean modern cap; both easily screw on.

Our brackets are made from sturdy steel and have a matte black powder coated finish so you can be sure that the brackets can withstand the harsh elements as well as defend against rust. A round finial or flat cap completes the arm while two collars and adjustable eye bolts are included so that you can fix your sign to the bracket securely.

Once you've replaced the old brackets with new sturdy ones you might want to consider replacing your signage as well. Our representatives are standing at the ready to help you create a sign that best suits your needs and reflects the attitude of your business. Whether you prefer a traditional sign in a traditional shape or you want something a little quirkier and original we can assist with that. Whatever your needs for a sign might be we can help.

New signage is your business' calling card; it's often the first thing a person sees and responds to. That's why it's so important that your signage look as good as possible and that also includes the brackets that the sign hangs from. Both our durable and attractive brackets and signs will look professional and polished, and will be the best face you can possibly create for your business. Call toll-free for a quote on custom pole brackets.

40"L Extension Arm
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