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Hampton Rail Top Planters

Our Hampton Rail Top Planter will add color to your deck that you and your neighbors will enjoy. Our Hampton Rail Top Planter and Raised Panel Rail Top Planter are made of a revolutionary product called Premier Composite PVC that will not fade or rot.

Premier cellular PVC is an amazing product that will not split, cup, rot, warp or twist. In fact, since Premier cellular PVC products can be used in direct contact with the ground or masonry it is the material of choice for moisture-prone applications like garage door jambs and hot tub surrounds.

All of our high quality Hampton Rail Top Planters come in standard white, but can also be easily painted any.

"Hampton Rail Top Planters" available in any custom length. Please scroll down to see standard sizes.

30" Hampton Rail Top Planter- 2X4 Rail
36" Hampton Rail Top Planter- 2X4 Rail
30" Hampton Rail Top Planter- 2X6 Rail
36" Hampton Rail Top Planter- 2X6 Rail

Everything about the Hampton Rail Top Planter is delightful! This planter for rails provides the perfect base for a stunning display of flowers or foliage plants, at the same time perching perfectly on your deck or patio rail. No worries about storms, either. This rail top planter holds enough soil to anchor and ride out a storm just water it if exceptionally blustery weather is on the way. Choose a custom size, or save by using our standard 30" or 36" planters for decks and their graceful proportions, cut to fit 2x4 or 2x6 railings.

Exceptionally durable, our Hampton rail planter is crafted in cellular PVC that simply can't be damaged by the elements, and won't twist, rot, warp, twist or split.

This verandah planter has a pleasing rim to delineate both the planter and plantings, plus well-proportioned raised panels on the sides and ends. Fantastic! Use in durable white or paint your planters for railings to your own color scheme.

These planters for porch, patio or deck rails are shaped similarly to window boxes. If you'd like some great ideas, we collect the best in our annual Window Box Design Contest. Just enter contest in the search box or scroll to the bottom of our home page to see dozens of knockout designs you can count on to work in a deck rail planter. One of our recent favorites in a white planter features white and purple flowers topping cascading vines - that can be especially stunning on the outside of the railing planter with lots of room to drape. Nurseries offer more great vines every year. Anything that trails is will be especially lovely in these containers for railings. Remember to fertilize. Unless an alternative is specified, use a liquid fertilizer for houseplants. Some container garden fans find it simpler to use a weak fertilizer mix each time they water rather than remembering intervals.