6in. Support Rail

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The perfect tool for small-space gardening and adding a decorative touch to your outside area, our 6" planter rail brackets can be used on any railing. Dress up your porch, balcony, or deck with beautifully blooming potted plants, no matter how much- or how little- room you have. Rather than placing your planters on the ground, taking up valuable space, and detracting from their decor, you can now easily hang those planters at any height you choose.

These handy little plant hangers are easy to install on any vertical support- square, round, vinyl, metal, or wood- between 1/2" and 1-1/2" deep. In each kit you will find:

Made from powder-coated steel, these durable rails will last for many a season in any type of weather. Compatible with 6," 8," and 10" round planters, or rail hanging hooks, these rail kits are perfect for clustering planters at different levels and groupings. Create a stunning hanging display of seasonal greenery! Or use this helpful bracket near your grilling station for hanging a tool rack or shelf. It can also be used for replacement parts for our Dog Bowl Kit.

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