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Window Box Brackets for Railings & Decks

You have the window boxes and you're ready to plant, but not without flower box deck brackets to set the job up right. Window box brackets for railings give gardeners a new way to utilize railing space, and our selection includes options appropriate for mounting on wood, wrought iron and various other materials.

With flower box railing brackets designed for every window box we sell, Hooks and Lattice customers often turn to this functional mount for easy beautification of porches and decks. We offer window box brackets for railings of all sizes and materials, including options like a drape and shelf configuration, or deck rail brackets that bolt to the back of the window box. Depending on the weight and measurements of your container, different flower box deck brackets are available to suit lighter or heavy-duty capacities. To find the flower box railing brackets that are right for your window box, check out the products below.

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Rail & Balcony Bracket For Metal Railings - (Pair)
Railing Shelf Bracket- 8 1/2" Shelf - (Pair)
Railing Shelf Bracket- 9 1/2" Shelf - (Pair)
Railing Shelf Bracket- 11 1/4" Shelf - (Pair)
2" x 4" Deck Rail Bracket | Use w/ Cages & Decora Window Boxes - (Pair)
2" x 6" Deck Rail Brackets | Use w/ Cages & Decora Window Boxes (Pair)
2" x 8" Deck Rail Brackets | Railing Brackets for Cages & Decora Window Boxes - (Pair)
Deluxe Deck Rail Bracket - 2x4 Wood Railing - (Pair)
Deluxe Deck Rail Bracket - 2x6 Wood Railing - (Pair)
Deck Drape with 7" Shelf
Deck Drape with 9" Shelf
Heavy Duty Cable Ties/Safety Straps - Deltec  - (4 Pack)
Deck Clamp Bracket- 8" Shelf - (Pair)
Deck Clamp Bracket- 10" Shelf - (Pair)
Stainless Steel Balcony Brackets (Pair)
Countryside Railing Bracket - Black (Pair)
Countryside Deck Bracket - Black (Pair)
Medallion Universal Bracket (Pair)
Vinyl Window Box Deck Rail Kit - (Pair)
Vinyl Window Box Deck Rail Kit - (3 Pack)
Optional  Brackets (For Fiberglass Supreme Boxes Only)
Medallion Rail Bracket (Pair)
Medallion Deck Bracket (Pair)
Railing Planter Shelf - Grey
Railing Planter Shelf - Lime
Dog Bowl Kit for Balcony Railing - Bracket
16in. Balcony Railing Shelf with Mounting Bracket
Balcony Gardening Tool Hanging Hooks (4 Hooks) - Bracket
Rail Planter Box Bracket Standard Pair
Rail Planter Box Bracket Adjustable Pair
6in. Support Rail
Price: $19.85
36in. Support Rail
Price: $34.85
48in. Support Rail
Price: $39.85
6in. Round Planter Holder
8in. Round Planter Holder - Bracket
10in. Round Planter Holder - Bracket
At Hooks and Lattice, our window box brackets for railings include a comprehensive selection of rail mounting bracket options to accommodate any container garden project. Here, we ensure the correct flower box deck brackets are available to accompany our wide selection of window boxes and other deck railing planters.

The right flower box railing brackets get your project started off right. Once the container size and approximate weight is determined, it's easy to identify flower box deck brackets that will work for you. By clicking on individual product icons above, window box brackets for railings made of various metals or wood are described in more detail. Measurements, installation requirements and weight capacity all factor into a decision for the right mount.

A popular style of flower box railing brackets is the deck drape and shelf variety. Drape brackets come in sizes to fit over most standard wooden deck railings, and adjustable options are also available. One of perks of this design is, with a drape mount you don't have to drill holes in your deck railings and containers are easy to move around - good news for the redesign fanatic. These versatile window box brackets for railings can also be used side by side to accommodate longer window boxes and other deck planting containers. Shelf brackets are also available for mounting on wrought iron and other metal railings.

Flower box deck brackets can be found here in heavy-duty metal options that attach to and are hidden in the back of containers. This gives your window boxes and other deck railing planters a clean, free-hanging presentation. Mounting suggestions are offered for the window boxes found at HooksAndLattice.com, but there are also options to accompany other containers you may have purchased.

Regardless of the project, the right flower box railings brackets, bracers and mount hangers will ensure a sturdy presentation. Reliable, functional deck rail brackets lead to beautiful window boxes, thereby fostering a charming exterior that everyone will admire. Given a sturdy and durable mount to begin with, gardeners can concentrate on what really matters - working their magic with plants and flowers!