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In gardening, rain catchers provide a wonderful tool for capturing naturally nourishing liquid. The Mansfield Rainwater Barrel aims to complete the functional task of trapping and storing water droplets, all in the form of decorative rain barrels that actually look graceful in the garden. These rain catchers are offered in a choice of black or white and even include a small planter on top of the barrel.

The Mansfield Decorative Rain Barrels are beautifully detailed containers that collect rain from your downspout and store it in a 40-gallon capacity tank. Each rainwater barrel also includes an overflow system and 4-foot garden hose with a shut off valve. This system allows gardeners to take advantage of precipitation even after the clouds have cleared. Watering with Mother Nature's finest will offer crucial nutrients to plants that simply are not found in tap or purified water. Mansfield Rain Catchers are made in the U.S.A. and available for purchase online at Hooks & Lattice. A downspout connector is not included.

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Black Mansfield Rain Catcher
White Mansfield Rain Catcher
Rain Barrel with Planter - 2 Colors
Rain Barrel - 3 Colors
Decorative rain barrels in this appealing Mansfield design are one part functional rainwater barrel and another part attractive landscaping accent. In fact, these rain catchers are easy to mistake for a tall planter with an area to insert plants and flowers cleverly incorporated at the container top. This rainwater barrel allows gardeners to catch nature's nourishment all while displaying favorites like petunias and pansies, or flowering vines to cascade down the container's sides.

The Mansfield Rain Catchers are available to purchase online in your choice of a black or white finish. As a functional rainwater barrel, this system hooks in to your home's downspout to catch runoff that comes through gutters. Each time precipitation occurs, rain catchers trap and store falling water up to a 40-gallon capacity. Rain is then preserved for use in watering during dry spells. As gardeners know, there's no nourishment like natural rainwater to foster healthy plant growth and produce a thriving garden. Decorative rain barrels help to make this option available even when the sun is shining, and all while making your garden more stylish.

For easy use and an appealing look, decorative rain barrels connect to your downspout on the back end of the container and a 4-foot garden hose with a shut off valve is also concealed at the rear. For rainy seasons when precipitation is abundant, an overflow is included. Both black and white provide a pleasing finish and can blend in with the side of a house whether your exterior is dark or light. By adding greenery and brilliant flowers to the planter atop the Mansfield Rain Catchers, gardeners can also further conceal the fact that it is actually a rainwater barrel.

As a manufacturer and supplier of various home and garden products, Hooks & Lattice is proud to offer options - like these decorative rain barrels - that make the life of a gardener easier and more beautiful. To ask questions about any of the products viewed online please consult one of our friendly home and garden representatives.

This product is made in the U.S.A. and does not include a downspout connector.