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Designer Shaped Raised Gardens

A Round or Clover Shaped Raised Bed Garden design adds interesting appeal to your landscape. Each raised garden kit featured below is comprised of curved composite wood grain timbers, stacking joints, hardware and instructions for simple assembly - all you need is a screwdriver, a mallet and your choice of to-be raised garden bed inhabitants.

With raised beds, gardening is possible in areas with less than optimal conditions. Have heavy or poorly drained soil? Using a raised bed garden design will help you to build a low maintenance garden set up for ideal drainage levels. Or, fill a raised bed garden with a layer of mulch. Materials featured in each raised garden kit are durable, rot proof and keep their rich wood grain color while weathering naturally over time. As a bonus, the materials are are eco-friendly, with the composite timbers manufactured from 40% wood fiber and 60% recycled polyethylene, and the joint stakes from recycled ABS Plastic.

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Four Leaf Clover Raised Garden
Versailles Sunburst- multi level Raised Garden Bed
10.5' Diameter Circle Raised Garden
A raised garden bed is not only attractive, but efficient raised bed garden design allows for creation of optimal soil conditions to diversify planting. With raised beds, gardening possibilities will open up to a whole new range of options including vegetables, fruits, flowers and shrubs that need specific conditions for healthy growth.

Each raised garden kit featured in the category above goes outside the box, so to speak, of the usual raised garden bed shape. In alluring round and elliptical silhouettes, choosing a raised bed garden design here makes assembly easy with all the necessary pieces included in one convenient, online order. Beginning with the visible pieces, curved composite wood grain timbers in a rich color make up the raised bed garden outline. These timbers are held into place with stacking joints and other hardware, also included with purchase of a raised garden kit in designer shapes. As for other tools, just get out a mallet and screwdriver and follow the easy-to-use instructions provided.

When utilizing raised beds, gardening is easier to maintain and control in terms of types of planting materials utilized, moisture levels, acidity, and so on. Whereas ground planting makes for a finicky balance of existing soil and added matter, a raised garden bed is at your whim. Choose what plants to grow and create the optimal conditions. For multiple sections, choose a raised bed garden design in an attractive multi-level configuration.

In addition to more control over planting conditions, our raised garden bed kits also offer an eco-friendly option. With the composite timber made from a 60% recycled polyethylene and 40% wood combination, these beds are a healthy combination of natural and durable materials. Wood composites are known for standing up well in outdoor applications in climates ranging from cold and dry, to moist and hot.

In addition to the raised bed garden styles featured here, Hooks & Lattice also offers square and rectangular configurations via our convenient and secure website. For questions on any of the products seen online, or to discuss a custom project with a knowledgeable member of our team, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).