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Western Red Cedar Raised Garden Beds

Quality wooden boards become western red cedar raised garden beds for enjoyment in your outdoor spaces. This material is naturally resistant to insects and rotting, making raised cedar garden beds a low-maintenance choice for adding garden space. In addition, cedar garden beds give each gardener full control over the soil quality and nutrients used for the nourishment of healthy growth.

For a larger crop of easy to pick, veggies, fruit and flowers western red cedar garden beds are capable of producing abundant growth. Drainage is better and plant life is easy to manage from all sides. Cedar raised garden beds get rid of clumpy, heavy soil that is burdensome to your crop and also makes it easy to subdue the growth of weeds. Put an end to back-breaking maintenance.

Each of our raised cedar garden beds is easy to assemble with minimal effort. Our customers fill their raised bed spaces with combinations of flowers, grasses and shrubs, and also with edibles including fruit, vegetables and herbs.

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8'x8'x12" with 2" thick Timbers
8'x8'x12" with 2" Timbers - Veggie Wall Raised Garden from Composite Lumber
4'x12'x12"  "L" shaped Western Red Cedar Raised Garden Bed
4'x8'x6" with 4'x4'x12" Corner Raised Garden with protective liner
4'x16'x12" Western Red Cedar Raised Garden Bed
4'x8'x12" with 2" Thick Cedar Timbers, protective liner
4'x8'x12" Western Red Cedar Raised Garden Bed
4'x4'x12" Western Red Cedar Raised Garden Bed
Deluxe U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed with 2in. Timbers
Planting in western red cedar garden beds is an innovative way to create additional gardening space in a controlled environment. In yards with difficult soil composition or homes with no yard at all, raised cedar garden beds solve the problem of inadequate ground space. By creating an enclosure for a gardener's choice of soil and nutrient conditions, cedar raised garden beds allow yards to flourish with never-before possible varieties of vibrant flowers and sumptuous edibles. Drainage from raised beds is also superior which encourages healthy growth.

Western red cedar raised garden beds make outdoor spaces work for you by creating a practical gardening space that is also naturally lovely. Each enclosure is made from a combination of high quality planks that are easy to assemble atop the ground space of your choice. Cedar garden beds can also add vertical dimension to your other garden beds by delineating different planting spaces with diverse varieties of plants and flowers.

Another perk of raised cedar garden beds is their ability to work on hardscape surfaces. In urban settings where a grassy lawn is non-existent, gardeners can apply a raised garden bed in naturally lovely western red cedar to bring a touch of nature to their cityscape. It can also turn a tenth-floor terrace into a practical edible garden for vegetables, fruits and herbs. Edibles that are in season with flourish in cedar garden beds and make for easy access to some of your favorite ingredients in the kitchen.

Our raised cedar garden beds come in various sizes and configurations to suit a range of projects. As mentioned, these enclosures can be applied in lawns, amongst other ground garden beds, or atop hardscape surfaces such as a patio, porch or terrace. Western red cedar is naturally resistant to rotting and decay and also harmful insect infestations. This makes the material a low-maintenance way to create innovative gardening spaces on various types of residential exteriors. Commercial exteriors are also turning to cedar garden beds for a sustainable decoration that can create lovely enclosures for colorful flowers, fresh grasses and small shrubs. Fill with your desired soil, nutrients and plants for an organically lovely outdoor garden.