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Composite Raised Panel Premier Square Planter Box

This simple yet elegant planter is designed to hold all of your favorite seasonal flowers and looks perfect alongside our collection of composite window boxes. The Composite Raised Panel Premier Planter is a classic design enhanced by framed panels on all four sides of the planter, giving it character from every angle. Constructed from durable Premier cellular PVC, this planter won't incur the seasonal wear and tear that causes wood planters to split, crack and rot. Available in two square sizes: 18" x 18" and 24" x 24"

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18in. Raised Panel Premier PVC Planter w/ Feet|18" W x 19" H
24in. Raised Panel PVC Planter w/ Feet|24" W x 19" H

Our Composite Raised Panel Premier Square Planter Box is a show stopper. Composite Premier cellular PVC ensures that the rectangular details, multilevel sides with multilayer beveled edges, the turned top rail and dramatic corners of this square planter will retain all that beauty indefinitely. Composites also do well near the ocean. All four sides of this raised panel square planter are complete, so you can place them anywhere.

Count on an equally artistic display of blossoms and foliage because these raised panel square planters are generously sized at 18" and 24". Lots of room to create. You may want to make a statement with three to five plants in abundance or present a more varied tapestry with seven or more. If you live in a four-season climate, you often want to group the plants a little closer than suggested to fill your planter early and have maximum enjoyment for several months. On the other hand, in a mild climate, especially zone 8 to 11, find out whether plants you choose may be hardy in your zone, in which case you may want to plant according to their full size.

Both raised panel premier PVC planters are 19" deep, so they look well in seating arrays. We also like them interspersed with our other kinds of planting boxes, and with our wide selection of window boxes.