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Raphael Illuminated Tapered Planter

The Raphael Tapered Illuminated Planter adds an unexpected glow to interior and exterior landscaping. Drawing the eye to the flowers and foliage, this lighted planter is a breath of fresh air and will attract a lot of attention with its soothing illumination. Color-change LED planters and fluorescent lighting offer options from gentle to exciting. A soft white light can set the mood in a traditional evening garden, while flashing bold colors are perfect for night clubs.

Lighted planters make a unique addition to residential and commercial settings including restaurants and hotels. Using illuminated planters combines two essential landscaping functions into one element: an attractive container for plants and lighting to aid with visibility at night. Line a walkway with these powerful planters or scatter them around a patio to chase away the dark. They even look great indoors, especially in a dim room. Wherever designers and landscapers need foliage and illumination, these fluorescent or LED planters answer the call.

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21"Dia x 32"H Raphael Illuminated Tapered Planter
27"Dia x 39"H Raphael Illuminated Tapered Planter

Raphael Illuminated Planters Set the Mood

The Raphael Illuminated Planters definitely set the mood with their subtly tapered sihouette and exotic lighting. When sitting in home environments on patios or as accents to garden paths, they bring a warm glow. As such, they provide both practical but also aesthetically pleasing landscape lighting. Yet, businesses such as entertainment venues, nightclubs, and outdoor amphitheaters that have pulsating bold and colorful LED flower pots portrayed in a modern planter can definitely animate the atmosphere. While originally designed as a type of unique outdoor lighting, the Raphael Illuminated Tapered Planters are also eye-catching indoors. Display the Raphael in large ballrooms for hotels, along theater hallways, and business entryways. These lighted planters provide enough illumination to capture the imagination and provide sufficient lighting for customers and patrons.

Tall Planters That Light Up the Night: How They Work

Our lovely Raphael illuminated tapered tall planters have several options for illumination. They are manufactured with a standard medium base if you choose the compact florescent lamping. The medium base accepts any spiral CFL bulb, allowing you to setup and sync home and business lighting with using your cell phone (check with your current provider for phone apps that enable you to set yours up).In addition to compact fluorescent lamping, these commercial outdoor planters can also be upgraded to energy-saving LED illumination using the dropdown menu on each product page. If interested in the multi-color option, we can custom fit to your exact specifications. Perfect for upscale hotels, on a resort patio, or for fine-dining in an evening outdoor cafe. The planter itself is made using a state-of-the-art process by rotationally molding into durable and lightweight polyethylene frame.

Tall and Tapered Planter: More Than Just Illumination

The Raphael Planter is an attractive container in its own right, with or without illumination. By day, the Raphael planter can hold a robust and colorful array for flowers or green foliage. Available in 32 inch and 39 inch heights with a circumference 21 inches and 27 inches respectively, these attractive modern planters can also be home to small trees and shrubs. Their depth provides ample room for more extensive root systems. What's more, you can add a self-watering reservoir to keep plants healthy and thriving. Depending on climate and plant type, foliage can stay hydrated up to two weeks. Roots wick water up through capillary action when needed. And when they are illuminated at night, plants, flowers or trees take on an even richer look, spotlighting vibrant leaf structures or colorful flowers. If you don't see the size you require, we can provide custom sizes to meet your design needs. Just give us a call to discuss your next project.