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Real Estate Signs - Double Sided Printed on 6"H x 24"W

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These full color, digitally printed, double - sided Real Estate signs and Riders will be the perfect complement to our wide variety of Sign Bracket, Post or Frame systems. Just send us your production ready artwork (see our Graphic Submission Guidelines tab for details) and we'll take care of the rest.

Your double-sided sign or rider will be digitally printed, applied to a PVC plastic sign blank in the size and thickness of your choice (see drop down box above for options) and then laminated with a semi-gloss UV resistant laminate. These signs will help you get your properties the visibility they deserve and help you get them SOLD!

If you need more than 25 signs we have volume discounts available - call for details

Turn-around time is typically 2-3 weeks from the time the order has been processed and art work has been receive and approved. Please refer to our graphic submission guidelines and feel free to contact our art dept. should you have any questions?

Sign Bracket Store 1-888-919-7446

6” Tall x 24” Wide Real Estate (Rider sign):
6” x 24” x 6mm (approx. 1/4” thick) with two (2) 3/8” dia. holes drilled along top edge 16” apart on center

18”Tall x 24” Wide Real Estate (Open House sign):
18” x 24” x 3mm (approx. 1/8” thick) with two (2) 3/8” dia. holes drilled along top edge 16” apart on center

18” Tall x 24” Wide Real Estate (For Sale/Lease sign):
18” x 24” x 6mm (approx. 1/4” thick) with two (2) 3/8” dia. holes drilled along top edge 16” apart on center

30” Tall x 24” Wide Real Estate (For Sale/Lease sign):
30” x 24” x 6mm (approx. 1/4” thick) with two (2) 3/8” dia. holes drilled along top edge 16” apart on center


Download Graphic Submission Guideline

Dear Sign Bracket Store Customers:

To help ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner and that the end product is of the highest quality you will need to have your graphic files created and then submitted to us using the following guidelines.

Usable file types for wide format digital printing are typically:

.ai (Illustrator)
.eps (our preferred format)
.psd (Photoshop)

(.jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png and similar small bitmap/rastor based files aren't of sufficient quality to effectively enlarge and subsequently reproduce images on large format digital printers.)

PLEASE NOTE:  "Re-saving" a lower quality bitmap or rastor image (.jpg, .gif, etc.) as a higher quality file type (such as an .eps or .ai) will not provide the quality necessary for production/printing purposes. Re-saving just changes the file extension type not the quality of the image within the file.

Creating your files:

Your art should be created in "CMYK" mode or converted from "RGB" to "CMYK" prior to sending to us. Given the differences in viewing art on a computer screen (RGB) and a printed image (CMYK) there will be variances in the color between these two Modes. If a specific PMS color match is desired you must select the PMS color (i.e. in Illustrator this can usually be found under in Swatch Libraries) when creating the file.

Don't forget to make your file the desired size for final output. If you send us a file at 100% that is 12"x12" that's what the final product will be.

Given possible variances in the printing process, as well as, the fabrication process of sign blanks (ours or others); it's a good idea to add some "bleed' to your art/file if it is to go right up to the edge of the sign blank. Adding Bleed will allow us (or you) to apply the art to the sign blank and trim off any excess.

Preparing your files:

To ensure that all fonts (type face) are recreated as designed you should "convert all text to shapes or curves" or "create outlines". This will help lock in the font in your art and eliminate the need to save the font files as part of the image or separately.

When your art/file is complete, "Flatten" all the layers and then save it. By flattening the file it will ensure layers aren't lost and that the file size will be smaller and, as a result, easier to send. You should close and then re-open the flattened file and review it before sending to make sure all elements are present and in their proper locations.

Image Size and Bleed:
Your vector artwork should match the size of the sign you are ordering plus an additional 1/4 inch "bleed" all the way around to compensate for sign blank variances and fabrication processes.

Image Resolution/Quality:

Files should be created and saved at the following resolution(s) -

Min. 150dpi at 100% or 300dpi at 50%

Note: Saving your files at higher resolutions (above 150pdi at 100%) typically will not normally provide for a better printed image and will only create unnecessarily large files.

Before sending us your files:

Once your art is complete please review your file carefully. Use actual pixel view or zoom in to review your art, especially around the edges of logo's, text and photo's/images. This will help ensure any miscellaneous defects, artifacts or stray marks are caught prior to printing - correct as needed. As one last step you should save the file as an .eps (our preferred file format) and review your art one last time.

How to get your files to us:

If the file size is under 10Mb you can e-mail them to sales@signbracketstore.com

If the file size is over 10Mb you can physically mail (or UPS/FedEx) a CD to us or use one of the on-line ftp services such as "You Send It" which can facilitate getting your art to us in a secure manner.

If you wish to use U.S. Mail, UPS or FEDEX, send your file to:

Sign Bracket Store
6088 Corte Del Cedro
Carlsbad, CA 92011
Attn: Art Dept.

What to do if your files aren't compatible/complete:

If your art work isn't finished or doesn't fall within the above guidelines or you simply don't have time to get everything done (who does?)  We suggest that you seek out a qualified graphic designer for assistance. Many local Sign Shops have a designer on staff and will be happy to help (for a small fee of course).  If you or your Designer have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail us at art@signbracketstore.com.

Remember, we will print the file as submitted. We will open and review your file(s) prior to starting fabrication. If we notice anything out of the ordinary or suspect that the file will not provide the desired output we'll contact you and discuss any concerns prior to starting fabrication.