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Rectangular Aluminum Sign Blanks

For a classic metal sign blank that is timeless and durable, a rectangular sign silhouette with scalloped edging never goes out of style. Each product featured below is a quality aluminum sign blank that has been powder coated white for easy customizing and superior performance.

An aluminum sign blank from Sign Bracket Store comes with pre-drilled 5/16" holes for simple mounting of a rectangular sign directly to a wall or from sign brackets with hanging rings. In this convenient online shopping category, each metal sign blank is shown according to width and height measurement, with thickness varying dependent on overall size. In general, signs measuring 34"W and greater have a .080 thickness, and smaller signs are at .063 (some variation may apply). To view specific dimensions, click on individual products below. Aluminum rectangular sign blanks can be conveniently and securely ordered online.

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14" Traditional Aluminum Sign Blank
20" Traditional Aluminum Sign Blank
22" Traditional Aluminum Sign Blank
34" Traditional Aluminum Sign Blank
44" Traditional Aluminum Sign Blank
10" Traditional Sign Blank - Aluminum
A rectangular sign with traditional scalloped edges is timeless and, when purchased in the form of an aluminum sign blank, highly efficient for commercial applications. Beginning with an affordable metal sign blank is a practical way to obtain a durable blank canvas for custom branding or instructional signage.

Featuring two pre-drilled 5/16" holes, each aluminum sign blank comes fitted to a range of mounts including a flat wall sign, a projecting sign from wall-mount sign brackets, or a suspended rectangular sign hanging from ceiling-mount brackets with rings. A metal sign blank is well suited to indoor and most outdoor applications where a tasteful, yet affordable post or placard is desired.

Purchasing our aluminum sign blank designs in bulk is an economical way for large commercial spaces and homeowner's associations to achieve cohesion in signage that marks directions, addresses or different spaces. For example, the traditional appeal of a rectangular sign with scalloped edging is a great way to mark wings of an apartment building, a hotel or a shopping mall. A customizable metal sign blank is also easy to hang from rings of a wall-mount sign bracket that hangs above a retail, restaurant or agency door. From real estate offices to corner bistros, an aluminum sign blank is a pleasing blank canvas to display information, directions and commercial branding.

This rectangular sign blank design is available in a range of small and large sizes, with our 14", 20" and 22"W blanks measuring at .063 thick, and larger 34" and 44"W blanks measuring at a more substantial .080 thickness. In any size, each is fitted with two evenly spaced 5/16" holes for mounting. Because each aluminum sign blank is given a versatile powder coated white finish, end user customization is easy. A metal sign blank can be found effectively displaying everything from apartment and hotel room numbers, to business names and logos.

For more information and specific product dimensions, click on an aluminum sign blank above in the desired size. Place your convenient and secure online order at Sign Bracket Store anytime, or for large orders and project-specific inquiries, please call toll free: 1-888-919-7446 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST)