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Regatta Short Trough Planter with Toe Kick - Urban Graphite

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46"L x 18"W x 13"H

Regatta Short Trough Planter with Toe Kick - Urban Graphite

With all the elegance and sophistication of stone planters and the rugged exterior of concrete, the Regatta Short Trough Planter with Toe Kick offers an ideal combination of durability and class. The rough and tumble texture mimics the craggy outdoors of a high desert mountain boulder minus the heft and undue weight. Available colors are specifically designed to replicate those found in nature, from a slate-like charcoal gray to a lighter sandstone-esque and more. Perfect for all kinds of environments and exterior home and business designs, these composite trough planters fuse rugged, durable appeal with their corresponding modern toe kick accent.

Unparalleled Manufacturing

Our low profile trough planters are manufactured with poly-Crete material, which are lightweight yet highly durable. Weighing as little as 18 pounds, the Regatta Short Trough Planters are ideal for patios and balconies alike. Designed for longevity, this planter's material resists mold and mildew and is stain and salt spray resistant. Drainage holes and exit channels protect roots. If using indoors or on sensitive surfaces, add a liner for protection. Surviving all kinds of temperature extremes, they endure in -30 degrees up to +130 degrees F without damage. Attractive toe kick offers excellent access for gardening projects. This planter comes with a 20-Year full replacement/repair warranty, uncommon in today's market.

Versatile Composite Trough Planters

Because these planters are so lightweight, they make the perfect plant container for using in weight-sensitive areas of your home or garden. Ideal for balconies, decks, and fragile surfaces, these stone planters create the illusion of heft. As such, they can be used as barriers outside city hall, to line walkways for beauty, as well as promote security. Set in place to delineate space for sidewalk cafes, atriums, and other sophisticated building exteriors. Complementary to a wide range of exterior decor styles, our composite trough planters can dress up, dress down or provide contrast in chic modern homes, and pool and spa areas. Yet, they also complement other planters in the traditional backyard garden--from terracotta pots to the smooth sheen of fiberglass planters. For additional information about our composite trough planters, please call today to speak with a design specialist.

46"L x 18"W x 13"H