48in. Paneled Redwood Window Box

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When you're ready to take the next step in updating your home's exterior, consider these beautifully designed redwood planter boxes. It may seem like a simple step, but adding window planters to your home's exterior can uplift and enhance the overall appearance dramatically, without you having to spend a ton of money or hiring a whole crew to perform renovations. Redwood planters are especially suited, because they can be virtually anything you need them to be. Keep them in their natural state for a beautiful appearance that is equal parts rustic charm and elegance. Or, paint them to whatever color or stain you desire to expertly coordinate them to your existing décor. The possibilities are virtually endless.
While it is well known that redwood is naturally strong and stable, it is also weather resistant. Unlike many other timber, it doesn't warp, twist, or rot easily, so you get years or practical function an aesthetic appeal. Additionally, insects do not typically enjoy redwood, so it is a natural repellant that will help keep your plants and home safer. That means multiple seasons of utility for your investment with little or no maintenance. When age finally does start creeping in, just give it a little light sanding and return this planter to its natural luster and beauty.
All of our redwood is derived from natural and sustainable sources.

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Length 48"
Height 8"
Width 8"
Material Wood
Shape Rectangle
Color Natural
Sizes 48"
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