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Palo Alto Redwood Planters with Heavyweight Plastic Liners

For planting boxes with warm character and superb strength, the Palo Alto Redwood Planter combines both assets in one lovely container. As sturdy wood planters derived from a beloved American species, these planting boxes make a charming addition to decks, patios and gardens. Fill with favorite flowers, tall grasses or cascading vines for a stunning container garden.

Each Redwood Planter in the Palo Alto style features attractive vertical slats conjoined with contoured molding at the top opening and container base. In addition, natural wood planters come with heavyweight plastic liner inserts for easy gardening. Liners are removable for stress-free maintenance.

Click on individual products below to view product dimensions, pricing and estimated shipping time. The Palo Alto Redwood Planter is available for secure online order in assorted sizes. 21"L x 21"W x 17"H Standard Palo Alto Redwood Planter shown in picture.

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19"L x 19"W x 15"H Palo Alto Redwood Planter with Heavyweight Plastic Liner
22"L x 22"W x 17"H Palo Alto Redwood Planter with Heavyweight Plastic Liner
30"L x 15"W x 12"H Palo Alto Redwood Planter with Heavyweight Plastic Liner
Undeniably beautiful, the Palo Alto Redwood Planter collection features planting boxes constructed from an icon of American nature - the towering Redwood. Built from responsibly harvested trees, each of the wood planters featured here is a harmony of organic qualities and manufactured durability, for bountiful container gardening.

As free-standing planting boxes with a resilient quality, this Redwood Planter collection makes a smart addition to hardtop surfaces like patios and decks, or situated amongst garden beds. The design of these wood planters features vertically running slats of natural redwood, finished with elegant molding on both the top and bottom. Each container also comes with a fitted heavyweight liner made from durable PVC plastic. Liners are removable and relatively lightweight for easy cleaning and seasonal storage where applicable.

Although the usual wood planters are easy to find online, a Palo Alto Redwood Planter from Hooks & Lattice possesses that uniquely organic personality so beloved by gardeners and landscapers. Planting boxes made from this naturally resilient and rot-resistant species of wood hold up wonderfully in exterior applications, making them a favorite for gardeners who want hardwood without all the fuss. The addition of plastic liners to each container provides yet another boost to their longevity.

For any facade, a Redwood Planter naturally enhances curb appeal. From traditional to modern home architecture, natural wood planters have an optimal combination of form and function as can only be found in nature. Bring in a little hidden help from a heavy-duty plastic liner, and a happy marriage of natural and manufactured components is born.

Our Palo Alto style of wood planters are available to order online via our secure website in assorted sizes. Choose from cubic or rectangular configurations to suit your particular desires. Redwood Planters with Heavyweight Plastic Liners can accommodate most any annual, perennial, small shrub, flowering vine, grass or succulent. Place your secure order today, and move one step closer to growing a bountiful container garden in a home born of natural wonder.

To speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives about any of the products featured online at Hooks & Lattice, please call toll free: 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).