54" Self-Watering Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box

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2 - 21.5in Reservoirs
The 54" Self Watering Laguna Direct Mount Window Box with reservoir eliminates daily watering of your flower boxes with our handy drop in reservoirs. Our Laguna window box is made from maintenance free cellular PVC, which looks and feels like real wood, but will not rot, chip, or warp like real wood window boxes. Also, you can plant directly into these Laguna Window Boxes without a liner, as this thick PVC material can handle soil and water directly on its surface without any chance of deterioration. When installing the reservoirs, they simply drop into the bottom of the window box, and the soil is placed directly on top of the reservoirs. The reservoir itself uses capillary action- when the soil begins to dry out; it creates a vacuum that then pulls the water up and out of the reservoir, perfectly watering your plants as needed. Make sure the fill tube is installed at the time of installation and that the tube extends past the soil line. Every flower box or window box with reservoir system will need varying degrees of water refills depending on the time of year, the amount of shade versus sunlight, humidity, plant type, and other varying conditions. The trim on the Laguna window box adds 1.5" to overall length, and .75" to the width.
More Information
Length 54"
Height 8"
Width 7.25"
Material Composite
Mounting Type Direct Mount
Color White
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