30" Self-Watering Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box

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1 - 21.5in Reservoir

Think you don't have time to maintain a healthy garden? With this self-watering planter box, anyone can enjoy beautiful flowers or edibles without frequent watering! It keeps your plants well-nourished and healthy with little maintenance for you. This is due to its unique water reservoir system which draws moisture through a vacuum any time the soil gets dry. Water is applied directly to the roots, pulling nutrients along with it, to keep your plants happy and well hydrated. Equally important, it does this without the risk of overwatering and root rot that can be a result of it. This self-watering planter box is perfect for those who travel but want to come home to thriving plants or for anyone who is new to gardening. Even if you have a black thumb, you can keep plants looking their very best with this self-watering system that hydrates up to two weeks. Plus, it's made from ultra-durable PVC to last long. It maintains its stylish good looks throughout the years without rotting, warping, or deteriorating like real wood can. You can even plant flowers right into the planter itself without a liner, allowing for quick and easy gardening. Just drop the reservoir in the bottom, add soil to the top, and you're ready to go.

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Length 30"
Height 8"
Width 7.25"
Material Composite
Mounting Type Direct Mount
Color White
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