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Residential Fiberglass Planters and Pots

Kick up your container gardening with the addition of quality fiberglass flower pots and planters from Hooks & Lattice. This extensive collection of residential garden pots offers options for any landscape or design style, from traditional and classic to modern and trendy. Owing to the versatility of fiberglass, you'll find flower pots that mimic other popular planter materials from earthy woven bamboo to artistic handcrafted pottery.

While the aesthetic of our fiberglass and resin pots can cleverly imitate other container gardening matter, the durability is considerably greater than typical garden pots. Built from one of the most resilient planter materials currently available, our fiberglass flower pots are designed to optimize aeration and drainage while simultaneously standing up to tough climates - from hot and dry, to cool and damp. Whatever your project, our fiberglass outdoor planters bring a combination of practicality and visual exquisiteness to residential container gardening.

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High Gloss Tapered Planters
Modern Square Low Bowl Fiberglass Planter - Metallic Silver Gloss Finish
18in. La Fleur Fiberglass Planter
Fiberglass Laguna Deck & Patio Planters
Laguna Square Fiberglass Planter - Choose from 3 Colors
Laguna Tall Rectangular Fiberglass Address Planter
Tapered Urban Chic Fiberglass Planter - Choose from 3 Colors
Small Urban Chic Fiberglass Porch Planters
Lansbrook Glossy Fiberglass Planter
Round Glossy Black Fiberglass Planter
Remus Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter - Matte Charcoal
Sabin Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter - Glossy Red
Fiorello Fiberglass Tapered Round Planter - Glossy White
Fiorello Fiberglass Tapered Round Planter - Glossy Black
Mabel Fiberglass Tall Tapered Round Planter
Olmstead Fiberglass Square Tapered Planter
Bidwell Fiberglass Tall Tapered Square Planter - Black
Sheppard Fiberglass Tall Vase Planter - Wood Tone
Pauline Fiberglass Round Planter - Silver
Pauline Fiberglass Round Planter - Metallic Gold/Brown
Guardia Fiberglass Round Planter - Burnt Orange/Brown
Lois Fiberglass Square Planter - Brown and Gold
27in. Canberra Fiberglass Planter Vase - Black/Red
Butterfly Romance Fiberglass Vase
Lansbrook Glossy Fiberglass Planter - Copper Tone
O'Banion Glossy Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter
Cannon Fiberglass Tapered Round Planter - Weathered Bronze
El Fey Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter - Antique Silver
El Fey Fiberglass Tapered Round Planter - Antique Silver
Puncheon Fiberglass Tapered Round Planter - Black/Rust
Lohan Fiberglass Tapered Round Planter - Red/Black
Genever Fiberglass Tall Rectangular Planter
Tropical Fiberglass Tall Square Tapered Planter
Round Tapered Fiberglass Planter - Glossy Black
Tall Tapered Square Fiberglass Planter - Glossy Black
Short and Modern Tapered Square Fiberglass Planter - Glossy Black
Traditional Round Fiberglass Vase Style Planter - Red Wood
Square and Modern Tapered Fiberglass Planter - Glossy Brown
Simple and Round Tapered Fiberglass Planter - Glossy Brown

Fiberglass Garden Planters with Flair

Hooks and Lattice is proud to offer this exquisite collection of fiberglass flower pots and planters suited to all of your container gardening needs. The addition of plant life to your home's landscape or even interior design is a foolproof way to infuse vibrant beauty. However, like you, these living, breathing organisms need somewhere to live and so finding garden pots becomes an analogous adventure in residential gardening projects.

When it comes to container gardening, fiberglass resin pots are a textbook solution to components of both design and function in the garden. The versatility of the material allows for it to be modeled after other popular materials used in flower pots like clay, concrete or even wood. In this collection, you'll find a wide array of options drawing on a range of design inspiration.

Lightweight Outdoor Planters that Endure

Also owing to their fiberglass construction, all flower pots and residential planters in this collection are lightweight. For the finicky residential gardener, they are a conceptual dream that allows for simple movement within a design scape. On the deck one day and situated among the flower beds the next? No problem - you'll find them much easier to move than garden pots composed of other heavier materials. Although feather light in comparison to other planters, there is no resulting decrease in durability; each of our fiberglass planter pots is outdoor rated for tough exterior placements and designed to achieve optimal aeration and drainage for thriving plant life.

Start by browsing through our online product catalog to get a feel for the extensive range of styles offered in this collection of fiberglass flower pots. With products ranging in size, design influence and color, residential gardeners and interior design enthusiasts will benefit from the availability of options. Insert the lovely versatility of fiberglass container gardening into your plans today with this collection of flower pots and planters from Hooks & Lattice!
Planter Accessories to Make Your Garden Shine
In addition to beautiful colors options like White, Black and Bronze, Hooks and Lattice brings you fiberglass flower planter accessories and upgrades to really make these containers work for you.

Consider planter components like:

  • Reservoirs - make any style container a self-watering planter!
  • Planter Feet - elevate planters inches off the ground for optimal aeration
  • ArmoreCoat real metal coatings - call to request aluminum, corten steel or real copper planters
  • Drainage Holes or Watertight? Make any planter an indoor one by choosing a watertight planter option. Drainage is ideal for plant roots outdoors, but often planters will drain and leak on carpet and wood flooring, causing damage.

For more information on available styles, sizes and shipping times, a knowledgeable member of our customer service staff is available to assist you at 1-800-896-0978 (7am-5pm PST, M-F).