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Residential Planter Accessories

Looking for successful container gardening tips? Starting with the best planters and accessories will put you on the fast track to gorgeous garden planters brimming with flowers, herbs, vegetables or succulents.

Smart Planter Accessories:

  • Self watering reservoirs
  • Soil amendments and composters
  • Trellises
  • Rolling Plant caddies and plant stands

Self watering planter DIY is easy - drop in one of our reservoirs and let it take care of irrigating without over watering. Consider a rolling plant caddy for easy relocation of planters. Train climbing vines on garden trellises and watch them flourish. And don't forget about composting and add-ins like pumice stone, organic plant food and worm castings for nutrient rich soil that plants crave.

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Compost Bins, Organic Fertilizers and Worm Castings
DIY Self Watering Planters
Plant Caddies, Planter Stands and Planter Trellises
Farm Fresh Market Crate - Pine

Residential Planter Accessories

Growing successful plants and flowers requires more than just a planter and some dirt. Planter Accessories are often essential to grow robust blooms and blossoms to keep them, healthy, hydrated and looking good throughout the season. From soil amendments to composters, to worms and worm castings, self-watering reservoirs and much more, we offer everything you need to complete your garden projects. And besides all the things you might need to keep plants thriving, we also carry ancillary decorative items such as planter trellises, plants stands, a rolling plant caddy and that add lots of ornamental appeal to your interior and exterior landscape. With the assistance of planter accessories from Hooks and Lattice, you can have all the products essential to provide the plant care you require and the garden beauty you've been seeking.

Compost Bins, Fertilizers and Live Worms Galore

Soil amendments and compost material helps preserve the health of your foliage. We offer several sizes and styles of composting crates, spinners and compost bins. Additionally, soil amendments such as GrowBrownie bricks and 'crumbs' aid in enriching the soil in planters. This material can even be added to ground level flower and vegetable beds or your garden box. We carry window box plant food and coconut fiber block growing medium as well. For enriching the soil organically, we suggest worm casting fertilizing with and without live redworms, ideal for creating the kind of rich soil some plants require to grow and thrive.

Residential Planters that Water Themselves

If some of your residential planters can benefit from a planter reservoir, we carry a half dozen round reservoir systems and several square styles to help keep plants hydrated in outdoor planters. Providing moisture for up to two weeks depending on plant type and season, each reservoir irrigates roots through a capillary wicking system right when they need it. Some of these are round reservoir systems while others are reservoir inserts that slide easily into your garden box or outdoor planter. Finally, we also carry numerous trellis styles and sizes for vining plants, made from metal or composite material, along with a wide variety of plant caddies to easily move planters. For additional information about any of our residential planter accessories, give us a call today.