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Danbury 36in. Bowl Planter

Sure to add stylish details and create a show-stopping addition for your home or garden, our resin bowl planters are the perfect stylish accent to fill with low-growing plants and flowers. Not only will your plants look great, but they will be protected in durable, maintenance-free planters that can survive and thrive in even the harshest conditions. And with a number of customizations and potential for numerous uses, you can exercise complete creative control and put together a look that perfectly fits your home or garden.

Check out our selection of resin bowl planters to see how they can beautify your space, and then call our representatives to discuss your project and what we can do for you. You're sure to find that low bowl planters are a fantastic accent to any space.

Carrying a 10-year manufacturer guarantee against damage, you know the Danbury bowl planters are built to withstand even the harshest environments.

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Danbury 36in. Bowl Planter - Caviar Black
Danbury 36in. Bowl Planter - Rust
Danbury 36in. Bowl Planter - Weathered Stone

Quality Resin Bowl Planter

With our resin bowl planters, you get the beauty of a high-quality piece without the stress and cost of maintenance. Our planters are made of a resin material that specifically protects against fading and cracking in harsh weather conditions. Each planter comes with a 10-year limited warrantee against most damage, which means we stand by our guarantee that your planter will look amazing no matter the levels of harsh summer sun or frigid winter wind. All you have to do is plant and water your pot and let it stay in top form year round while you enjoy the beauty.

Stylish Resin Planter

These resin planters showcase unique style with low, wide lines and a unique angled shape. The result is a chic planter that will make a statement wherever it is used. Although the style tends to be more modern, these planters can also fit it nicely in more traditional or classic styles. Pair the planters with colorful flowers for a more traditional look or add succulents or textured grass for a contemporary design. And with three options for finishes: rust, weathered stone, and caviar black, you can find the perfect color for your home or garden. With so many combinations and possibilities, these resin planters will shine in any space.

Multi-Use Low Planter

Part of the beauty of low resin planters is that they can be used in a variety of ways. Use a single planter as a tabletop centerpiece, line an entryway or patio with multiple planters, or clump them together to create a unique garden focal point. And because the planters thrive in any weather conditions, you can tailor your planter to meet your climate and style needs-low-growing flowers for a fresh springtime look, modern architectural grass in the winter, or textured succulents for a versatile look across seasons. Let your creativity run wild and create the perfect plantscape for your space.