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Resources & Buying Guides

Here at Hooks & Lattice, we don't just want to provide the best container gardening supplies on the planet - we want to help you use them too! Bookmark this page as a go-to for gardening guides and resources, buying guides that will show you the best way to approach your next home improvement, garden or DIY project.

Based on over a decade of questions and requests from customers, we have compiled information in savable, shareable, USABLE form to make access quick and convenient. Browse and revisit informative articles and diagrams about:

  • How to buy exterior shutters the right way
  • Curb appeal tips and secrets from the experts
  • The best way to use self-watering reservoirs
  • How to paint and/or refinish our products
  • Growing tips for plants and flowers

And that's not all! We're constantly adding to this resources and buying guides section to provide our visitors with the best and most accurate information on the web.

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Window Box Buying Guide
Exterior Shutter Buying Guide
How to Measure for Exterior Shutters
How to Choose Brackets for Railing Planters in 4 Easy Steps
Hooks & Lattice Fire Pits Buying Guide
Residential Outdoor Planters Buying Guide
Sage's Corner
1 Designs
Curb Appeal Infographic
Self-Watering Container Gardening Guide
Planting Window Boxes Video
How to Attach Faux Brackets to Window Boxes
Faux Balcony Buying Guide
Exterior Shutter Hardware Guide
Residential Landscape Lighting FAQ
Lighting Guide for Line Voltage Installation and Use

Resources and Guides Part Deux

Gardening Resources, shutters, window box, and curb appeal guides are to gardeners, homeowners, and commercial enterprises what tints and hues are to the painter’s pallette. In short, you can never have enough help since products and processes are constantly changing and evolving. Consequently, with many innovations we are constantly adding resources, guides, and blog articles, all in an effort to help you improve and refine your individual area of interest. As such, Hooks & Lattice prides itself in providing the most up-to-date changes and ideas for the savvy homeowner and gardener. Basic guides and resource categories include:

  • The Exterior Shutter Buying Guide
  • How to Measure for Exterior Shutters
  • Sage’s Corner
  • Curb Appeal Infographic

We also have painting and installation guides developed specifically to help DIY Projects, including:

  • Install Guide - Direct Mount Composite PVC
  • Install Guide - Standard and XL Composite PVC w/Cleat System
  • Install Guide - Planter Well Reservoir
  • Install Guide - Iron and Aluminum Window Box Cages
  • Painting PVC Window Boxes

In addition, because we are constantly increasing our Resources and Guides library, by entering specific subject matter topics in the Product Search box you will find even more information from our sister companies. Further popular subject matters include:

  • Custom Logo Planters Buying Guide
  • Plantscaped Commercial Planters Buying Guide
  • Blogs in numerous categories