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Jai by Wolfgang Puck

Project Challenges
Surrounded by a lush eucalyptus grove in La Jolla, California, Wolfgang Puck's Jai restaurant sought to define a private outdoor seating area that blended its natural environment with a touch of the contemporary. Rising to the challenge, Planters Unlimited set to work to manufacturing custom rot-proof planters fitted to the hotel's space. This resulted in the Urban Chic Premier Contemporary Outdoor Planters being born. These PVC planter boxes convey all the simplicity of Asiatic styling. Plus, the patio planters fit Jai's project goals perfectly by:

  • Showcasing their pristine, sleek styling  
  • Revealing exceptionally clean lines as modern planters  
  • Balancing their sophisticated white finish with attractive and artificial bamboo.

The Urban Chic's durable construction ensures long term use, as do the bamboo reeds that they contain. Our contemporary plant containers are mildew- and rot-proof, thanks to their rugged Cellular PVC construction - a feature that's very important in La Jolla's coastal fog.

Urban Chic Contemporary Planters
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Urban Chic Premier Tapered Planters
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Composite Commercial  Planters
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Patio Planters: Functional and Beautiful

By creating a perimeter with Urban Chic composite planter boxes, Jai established both a functional faux 'wall' while also adding beauty and class. Solidcore and weatherproof, these large planter pots may look like wood yet outlast it, without decay or breakdown. Their durability allows Jai to create new boundaries if they choose too, sectioning off their dining space, away from the popular La Jolla Playhouse next door. And populated with faux bamboo plants, the restaurant has eliminated watering and plant maintenance. This saves money and staff time over both short and long term. And the Urban Chic planters fit seamlessly with the rest of Jai's Asian fusion cuisine, providing a consistent theme throughout the restaurant. Ideal for decks as well as patios, these composite planter boxes make the perfect addition to a wide variety of decors. Available in standard sizes, we also manufacture custom sizes to exact design specifications. Call today to discuss your next project. Design experts are standing by.