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Rhodes Urn Cast Stone Planter

Cast Stone Planters are ideal for the sophisticated client who demands the look and feel of natural stone planters. We manufacture a blend of cement and fiberglass planters that are lighter weight and also more durable and impressive than conventional concrete. No more worries about planters chipping and cracking when temperatures plunge during winter months.

Our commercial planters can be customized to add business branding and lettering, and can also be made for indoor plantings. Drainage holes come standard, but all of our cast stone urn planters can be made without, and can also be ordered watertight.

Place urn planters about your professional property on pillars, as landscape centerpieces and add to tables and consoles to add a pop of colorful florals to any space. Make indoor atriums sing, and hotel lobbies lead with their best foot forward - add planters and lush foliage for a comfortable, attractive look and feel.

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Rhodes Urn Cast Stone Planter 28in.D x 26in.H
Rhodes Urn Cast Stone Planter 37in.D x 40in.H

Rhodes Urn Cast Stone Planters

The Rhodes Urn Cast Stone Planters offer untold beauty for a wide variety of design schemes. They convey the look and feel of ancient Greece and Rome. Yet it's as if ancient artisans crafted them to appeal to modern sensibilities too. These classic garden urns have a pedestal that rises to small columns that are gently curved in their mid-section. From the columns these urn planters support a generous bowl that includes a wide-mouthed lip at the top. Even though these commercial planters have the look of antiquities they provide perfect styling for hospitality design found in themed casinos and resorts. Their styling reveals all the characteristics for stately homes too. The Rhodes can hold succulents to be placed on columns flanking any building entrance. Or fill with colorful flowers for ground level patio decor to display the look of elegant stonework.

Enduring Large Plant Containers

Rhodes Urns are durable and long-lasting, similar to fiberglass planters. These large plant containers are made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, or GFRC. Glass fibers are mixed in with rugged concrete material to create a lightweight yet tough medium that increases planter strength. Even though they look quite heavy they are not. This mixture reduces their weight to approximately one quarter of concrete's weight alone. Since they weigh less they are easier to move about when called for. Another aspect of large plant containers made with GFRC is their ability to stand the test of time. Regardless of weather fluctuations the Rhodes won't chip or crumble like concrete can. This feature provides season after season usability and any part of the country too. The Rhodes Urn outdoor planters can also be set indoors to continue your decorative theme.

In addition to GFRC material, Planters Unlimited brings you an even lighter, even stronger medium called Fiberstone. This material is ideal for use in high traffic, public spaces where durability and weight are paramount. Like our GFRC concrete planters, Fiberstone will always outlast conventional cement and concrete urns.

Customization Provides Flexibility

The Rhodes comes with pre-drilled drainage holes but can be ordered without them for watertight applications indoors. They are available in two standard sizes but we can manufacture to whatever dimensions you require. This makes these urns an extremely flexible plant container. And our flexibility goes for colors too. We offer them in six earth-tone colors and can custom color whatever you require. Add a self-watering reservoir for either indoor or outdoor use and save time on watering and staff time. It's no wonder the Rhodes Urn Cast Stone Planters have so many fans with the amount of design flexibility, styling, and numerous applications that are available. Call toll-free today to speak with a design specialist about your next project.