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5in. Naples Tall Flower Pot

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5"Dia. x 10.5"H
Base: 3.5"Dia.

A Simple, Stunning Home Upgrade

Thinking about doing a little bit of redecorating for your front porch or entryway? Send your home's curb appeal into the stratosphere by placing one or two of these tall outdoor plant pots beside your doorway or along the garden path. With a tall tapered silhouette these chic flower containers are sure to be noticed before all of the ordinary garden planters and pots you see on the market. And a stunning weathered stone finish only works to enhance the eye-catching value of this attractive planter. Complete the look with your favorite flowers or shrubs and get ready to enjoy a brand new look for your home.

  • 5" diameter x 10.5" tall planter
  • Includes water-minder insert
  • For indoor or outdoor use.

Enjoy Self-Watering Convenience

Not only are these tall flower pots a sight to see, but they are also blessedly helpful for beginning gardeners or homeowners who are often traveling. Why? Because each Naples tall planter comes equipped with a smart Water-Minder self-watering insert. Acting as a barrier between your plant's soil and the water collection reservoir below, this permeable wall allows roots to soak up water as needed without soaking in the it. This feature is great for those who forget to or simply cannot water their plants for days at a time. Rest assured that when you return home your plants will still be healthy and happy thanks to the sub-irrigation system.

Weatherproof Outdoor Plant Pots

You can use your Naples tall garden planter indoors or outdoors. Decorate a dining room or decorate a dining patio, wherever you need it most this handy planter will be there. It is impervious to the ravages of the environment because it is made from a sturdy stone and resin composite material. This material affords it its real stone look while also keeping it lightweight and shatter-resistant. Choose your favorite of the two color options at checkout and be happy knowing that it will never fade or discolor thanks to the built-in UV-protection right in the planter's material.

5"Dia. x 10.5"H
Base: 3.5"Dia.