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Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor

Lend imagery to interior design using the art of topiary. This selection of artificial boxwood balls marries striking structure with vibrant greenery. And as our most densely woven silk boxwood plant, this ornamental piece makes a lush impression wherever it goes.

The boxwood hedge sphere is a time-honored topiary style, stunning in its simplicity. And with silk boxwood this lifelike, enjoying the sophisticated aesthetic of trimmed hedges is easier than ever. Situate single spheres atop a classic urn, or modernize by grouping multiple balls into a rectangular composite planter. Each piece of lifelike foliage is manufactured out of commercial strength, high-quality polyethylene plastic for vibrant interior displays.

Ornamental Artificial Boxwood Balls are arranged at a thicker density than the other round topiary online at Artificial Plants Unlimited. This fuller look suits high-end interior design in both permanent and temporary applications like weddings, conventions and model home staging. Matching containers sold separately.

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6in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor
7in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor
11in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor
13in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor
13in. Variegated Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor
15in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor
15in. Variegated Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor
19in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor
21in. Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor

Emphasize good taste with Ornamental Boxwood Hedge Spheres for interior design. When it comes to plant life, topiary calls to mind quintessential elegance. And by using gorgeously lifelike artificial boxwood balls the finesse of trimmed hedges is easy to harness. No lengthy growth phase, water or hired on-staff gardener required.

Since the Middle Ages, time-honored topiary art has rarely been absent from garden design. Silk boxwood builds on the longstanding reputation of trained hedges as a symbol of beauty and status. Making it possible for interior designers, commercial buildings and homeowners to share in all the sophistication of geometric shapes formed in green.

In part to a sharp outline, tone and texture, each boxwood hedge sphere packs a powerful design punch. In the lounge of a hotel lobby, layer in tall urn planters potted with artificial boxwood balls to lend proportion. Lay emphasis on a section of imported marble flooring by suspending a single topiary ball above from a section of chain. Or, in the dining room of a modern American eatery, pot trios of boxwood hedge spheres in chic planting containers to establish flow throughout the floor plan.

Artificial Boxwood Balls from our "Ornamental" line of products are unique in their fullness. Quality-grade polyethylene plants are woven densely onto a hidden framework, resulting in a lifelike lush look. Faux topiary spheres range in size from 6" up to 21" in diameter online to accommodate a range of project scales. And to layer in other shapes, silk boxwood also comes in spirals, cones and custom silhouettes by request.

In addition to permanent design applications, round boxwood hedges are also a favorite piece of temporary decor. Event planners, real estate professionals, hotels and convention centers will find that artificial topiary is a powerful accent to corporate dinners, receptions, fundraisers and home staging. For custom plantscaping solutions including matching commercial planters, please call toll free to work with a project manager.